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My Gene Polymorphisms and Treatments

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Hey guys-- thought some of you might be interested in looking at a fellow travelers gene mutations. The reason I'm posting this in Medication and Other Treatments is that this site, NutraHacker, offers suggestions for supplements and medications to support and avoid in aiding ones bodily functions in light of mutations. 


Anyone who has had experience with any of these supplements/drugs and wants to share it would be most appreciated. Or if you have any knowledge about the genes themselves feel free to speak up. I know about some like COMT and MTHFR but others are out of my paygrade. For instance, I just learned that selenium is great for the thyroid but if youre deficient in iodine it will make things worse. So interactions etc please let me know XD 

I listed the supplements below that im supposed to take and avoid. There is some crossover and Im supposedly meant to prioritize based off of my own personal experiences with the conflicting ones.


Hope you guys find this as interesting as I do! Ive already started taking Hydroxy B12 and it definitely helps.




Vitamin K

Vitamin E in tocotrienol form

Vitamin D3

Vitamin C

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B12

Vitamin A






SAMe inhibits




Riboflavin for high blood pressure


Reduced forms of folate



Possibly ketogenic diet





Omega-3 fatty acids like fish oil




Methyl B12


Low fat diet

Lithium orotate



Hydroxy B12 (hydroxycobalamin)

Grapeseed extract




Fat soluble antioxidants










Vitamin E

Vitamin B6 (P-5-P form ok)



Noise (greater chance for hearing loss)



Methyl donors

Methyl B12

High fat diet

Green tea


Folinic acid









Much love,


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How are you going to take these? Are you just going to keep adding more until you're taking all the ones you're supposed to?

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Where did you come up with this? It's hard to see why you'd avoid fat given the brain is largely composed of it and needs it to run. Ever since including more healthy fats in my diet I've felt much better. Also, why no turmeric or taurine? These are both great for HPPD as far as I've heard and experienced. That said, you have these on both lists so I can't read too much into it I guess. The last thing you should do is take tons of supplements. Not a good idea whatsoever. Just start eating super healthy. You can get all of these vitamins and minerals in a healthy, complex diet of mostly veggies and fruits. 

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I think I'll try a few. I'm mostly concerned with my antioxidant capabilities being impaired and high levels of ammonia. And superoxides. I do wish they had a section for WHY they think these are good supplements though. 


I should eat healthier. I'm on a keto diet and it treats me well so I eat a lot of salad but sometimes I fall into just eating too much sausages and cheese ;p

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21 hours ago, Onemorestep said:

Also since taking keppra my hair has been falling out and I would like to figure out why... I'm hoping folate zinc selenium and molybdenum willl help.

Honestly, the only supplement I think people almost have to have is magnesium just because of our agricultural processes, but as long as you eat a healthy and colorful diet with lots of greens, veggies, fruits, fish, nuts, etc., then you'll get all you need through those foods. Trust me man, I've been down the road of popping all sorts of supplements at one time and it's not an enjoyable experience. They can often make your symptoms worse or just mess with your health in general. Eating healthy is by far the best way to get whatever your brain needs. If you're really set on taking vitamins the only others I'd recommend are lecithin for nervous system support and potential neuronal growth, B complex, fish oil high in DHA and vitamin D. But again, you can get those by eating greens, eating fish and getting sun, which are all part of a healthy lifestyle anyways. 

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I just started taking some krill oil and I went to the beach today for some good old vitamin D :) you know interestingly enough I've been craving fish a lot recently. Odd because I've always disliked fish! 


Also in terms of the hair loss... it actually might be gabapentin causing it. I've been off keppra for months now and the loss has only gotten worse so I googled a bit and there seems to be quite. A few people saying they're having hair issues on gabapentin. But you know it's the internet so who knows. 

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So still doing well on a few of these guys.

25 mg b6 P-5-P form

2000 mcg hydroxo b12

10,000 mcg biotin

500mg vitamin C

600 mg NAC 3x daily

some over the counter GABA (unsure if this does anything tbh)

optimal liposomal glutathione (400mg phosphatydilcholine, glutathione)

30 mcg methylfolate (working my way up very slowly on this to prevent inflammation)


After researching Gabapentin I came across some information that it can reduce levels of folate which would put stress on the methylation cycle. I already have many folate methylation gene mutations. 





interestingly enough about 2 days ago I experienced a SIGNIFICANT reduction in the pain I've been experiencing from Peyronie's disease. Whether this is from coming off the gabapentin and benzos or because I'm replenishing my b levels and stabilizing the methylation process I do not know. Or perhaps the increased glutathion is aiding in inflammation reduction. Regardless I'm happy with the results.


i recommend anyone who is taking anticonvulsants (this includes benzos) to get their biotin, calcium, b12, b6, and folate levels checked. 



i did not have peyronies disease. I believe it was a collagen issue cause by (theoretical) poor copper utilization. Keppra did cause this issue to be substantially worse (it interacts with a lot of vitamins involving the methylation cycle).


I do not use these types of vitamins anymore 

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i dont think it makes makes a difference in terms of the end result. However NAC comes with other effects that some people might want to avoid. When I tried taking NAC, it made my panic horrific. But then again I tend to react poorly to things that increase ampa. For others this might be preferable and they get benefits from all the moa’s Of NAC 


edit 2021: NAC can (not directly) bind to methyl-b12 and render it useless. It was screwing up my already screwed up methylation. 

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I consider this post to be very outdated now, both by my reactions to things and also just the website I was using wasn’t great. I now use self decode for my genetics.

most importantly, for my methylation I now follow This protocol by Freddd... it is not for the lighthearted and I haven’t made it fully through it but still I have had enormous benefit from it. 



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9 minutes ago, Onemorestep said:

I found freddds protocol to work for me for quite some time. That is until I got the covid shot. Now my nutritional needs have shifted quite a large bit. Very strange.

Oh man this covid vaccine is scary.

Is your HPPD under control at least?

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