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Hello Everyone.

In an attempt to get a rough unofficial census as to how many of us there are, I have created a link on the NNRF website that will take the user to a map that serves as a census for HPPD. As stated it is not official but the map servers a variety of functions.

1. It allows us to communicate with one another.
2. It displays our general locations and that of specialists who deal with HPPD.
3. It performs a census (however unofficial) of how many people suffer from this condition
4. The census might serve as a means to get more researchers interested in HPPD

To view the map and please do, you may click here: http://www.neurogroup.org/map/hallucinogen-persisting-perception-disorder-worldwide-map/

The more of us that appear, the greater the odds that we may get some much needed attention paid to this disorder.

All the best


*Admin Please Pin and if possible send a mass email blast to all registered users on this site.

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Good job Hope!

I would love to interview everyone and have a video/audio account of everyone.  One day do a documentary on HPPD.   I talked to Dr. A about it and he felt like it may not be worth it but I still would like to do it. 

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To TheMythos: The site went down for a few hours after I posted the message. It's been back up for a while now.

Mgrade:  You can find me on FB under the handle GhiGho SevenOh. IM me.

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