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Electroretinogram ERG tests


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Ok I have some news . Apparently some ppl with vs have strange electrical retinal activity . I had read about this on here :


But now my fear has been confirmed as few ppl on the fb vs group have had ERG tests and the results were not looking good . This means that some symptoms of visual snow syndrome and hppd can be related to the retina . I just hope that vs is not located in the retina coz at this point even stem cell therapy is having no success in retinal diseases. Whereas stem cell therapy and gene therapy both have had some success in some neurological conditions. 

We should all try to get an ERG test . vs/hppd might me more complicated than we thought.

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You're going to find what you're looking for if you look hard enough. I didn't read anything in that article that was convincing, and of course that's only one person, so I'm not sure it's wise to jump to conclusions based on a single article on the Internet. Many here know SSRIs aren't as safe as they're marketed to be. I have anisocoria from a week on Lexapro. It's gotten better over time but it's still there. I imagine in a few years it might not be noticeable at all. We all have scars of some sort from this terrorizing disease. 

Until scientific studies are conducted on visual snow and it's relation to the retina I have no reason to believe there's a substantial link. All current evidence still points to this being a brain problem and I firmly believe that as well given everything you can read on this forum and others, in addition to studies and the opinions of those who know much more about HPPD and the brain than most of us.

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I'm not saying that it's a retina problem but the retina might play a bigger role than we thought. It's not just this article , yesterday someone on the fb vs group posted that his ERG result showed some kind of abnormality and his neuro-ophthalmologist thinks that his vs might be related to It . The person who posted this had not used any ssri's . More ppl need to do this test to see if this theory is correct. 

I got so freaked out when I read his post because it's just like what is written in that article the only difference is that one is ssri induced and the other is idiopathic vs . 

I don't know much about science,  in fact I had literally zero interest in science before vs . U guys seem to know a lot more that's why I post these things to double check with other members.

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As, GS stated above and to further add that visual processing goes through multiple stages. 

The retina is the only part of your brain that you can see. Also,  the retinal cells work backwards and are constantly firing and stop firing when activated by a photon. 

Just adding my two cents that case studies are the lowest form of convincing research publications. They are helpful and can inform further ideas for controlled research.


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