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Trails... Trails... and more trails...

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Just recently ive been trying hard to fix a lot of things in my life. Starting about 20 years ago for the duration of about 5 years, I was quite regularly involved with the use of LSD. Soon after stopping i realized that the hallucinogenic effect of trails never dissipated. For about 15 years now Ive dealt with this perma-trail affect in my vision. Its quite extreme. The trails are lengthy, I would say at least a second of pathway behind moving objects. It is not situational. It is there always. Happy, sad, drunk sober. tired, wide awake, etc... It never goes away, ever. Ive only recently been researching a way to deal with this, all signs point to this HPPD thing and as far as ive read, it 100%hits the nail on the head. The treatment drugs involved ive seen on the wiki do not look appetizing in the least.. Im thinking maybe i should just suck it up and deal with it.. Sure would be nice to drive again though.. Them car trails especially with the lights of nite would no doubt be a death trap. Any thoughts? Anyone deal with anything similar and have some sort of success taming it? 

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