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Three-year anniversary


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Ever since getting HPPD I've always wondered if that's what happened to Syd Barrett. I did a bit of research a while back and there's certainly some interesting parallels. For example, even though he was doing lots of drugs it sounds like Barrett had an instance where everything changed, where he came back from a long weekend of doing drugs and was just totally different, staring deeply into space and not really being tuned into reality. These patterns align with HPPD (I remember staring was a huge problem of mine when I first got HPPD, as I almost felt I could trip out when I just let myself go), however Barrett was clearly severely mentally ill in other ways that don't necessarily align with HPPD. He did stuff that everyone with HPPD would never do and seems more along the lines of schizophrenia -- same goes for Brain Wilson. Now, whether they had some aspects of HPPD is another story. I don't doubt for one minute plenty of people from that era came down with some form of HPPD symptoms they never recovered from. 

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