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Keppra studies

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Google doesn't seem to be showing any results. Can someone please provide me a legit study or two on keppra that I can show my doc? Id rather try good ol kep than Zyprexa.

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I hope it works. Pff I had a horrible migraine just like u did last week and now my symptoms have worsened in the last couple of days. I'm extremely scared that it won't go back to the way it was . I was finally making some improvements before the damn migraine attack . 


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Just an update on my condition (i've stated before that the visuals don't really bother me): getting off abilify has increased the VS to noticeable levels. It'll be a month off of it on Wednesday and my vision is generally worse than it was before. I hope it goes back down...my visuals seem to fluctuate to not noticeable to static VS floaters and shadows in the peripheral.

I don't necessarily want to get on Zyprexa but something has to be done about these mental images.

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Also don't be scared. If your hppd is anything like mine it will fluctuate based on stress, lack of sleep, diet, and other factors. I didn't notice my visual symptoms for years. The VS was still there but my brain must have filtered it out because I completely forgot all about it. Same with the other visual anomalies.

I call them flare ups.

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I had no prob reading on my phone but now the letters look weird . Also pictures look worse . I was starting to see pics a bit better?This is just such a horrible disease. I hope ur right and that it will go back to its previous state . Btw I got visual snow syndrome from ssri's but pretty much the same shit as hppd . Both drug induced. 


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