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Eloctrophysiological assessment

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This is another update from Jen Ambrose about a study tgat was funded by EyeOnVision in 2014-2015 :


Many of our donors have asked for a little more explanation of what the German visual snow study was looking for, which we helped to fund in 2014. I recently wrote to Dr. Schankin and this was his reply:

With that study, we investigated the processing of basic visual information in the brain of patients with visual snow. The aim was to see if we can find objective electrophysiologic data for the condition that might serve as measures for future treatment studies. This is important since - in contrast to radioactive brain imaging that we did before – these tests can be repeated.

The results of this study need to be reviewed during the meeting and by colleagues before any clinical application can be designed. 

It is Dr. Schankin's hope that colleagues will be able to look at the data this coming September. 

While every part of Visual Snow research is crucial to better understand this condition, we are still in the very early phases of research. More financial support is needed in order to continue through the necessary phases of medical research. Please consider supporting us today. We still need almost $50,000 more to ensure that Dr. Puledda's salary is covered for another year. Without this money the research will have no funding to continue. 

Thank you, 
Jen Ambrose
Founder and President of The Eye On Vision Foundation
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This is really interesting  I wonder whether electrophysiological assessments can be used for visual snow syndrome and hppd diagnosis. 

Looking forward to the results. We are one step closer to treatment studies if we can manage to raise 50.000 dollars before the summer.

Again pls repost this update ( I can't as I'm not on fb ) on the visual snow group ( the one with over 6000 members ) Jen Ambrose only communicates via fb EyeOnVision page or gofundme . However in order to reach a larger group of patients the best strategy is to communicate properly via the largest vs group on fb . 


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