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TMS and tDCS


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Now that more research is coming out that shows psychedelics alter the electrical activity in the brain, could TMS and tDCS be potential treatments for HPPD? They do TMS here at the University of Louisville and I've already made an inquiry about getting the procedure done. It's only been researched for depression and anxiety (and I think maybe ADHD) so far so I'm not sure what doctor would be willing to try it for HPPD.

The side effects are minimal and there are no long term side effects from what I understand.

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For Tms and Tdcs they need to target the exact area and circuitry or else it might mess up ur brain even more . They should map out ur brain and see which areas are causing ur hppd and what the abnormalities are compared to a healthy person ( using something like fmri ) before carrying out the procedure.

u need to find someone with an interest in hppd . I believe some members here have seen Dr Abraham in person and might have his personal email address. If so , u can contact him and ask whether he knows anyone in ur area who is interested in trying non-invasive brain stimulation treatment in hppd patients. 

If Dr Abraham is not able to provide any help , u have to search on the internet for organisations and scientists that are interested in the workings of lsd . Send them the research papers that are published on hppd ect and see how they respond . Lsd might not cause permanent damage in most ppl but studying the brain of hppd patients can give them new insights into how wrong things can go in certain cases . It's definitely something scientists should look into if they truly want to understand the impacts of lsd on the brain .

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