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So I'm 20 now and started smoking heavy amount of weed throuout HS. All my friends decided the wanted to be the next poblo escabor so they started selling big amounts of weed... so we would smoke about 7g in one sitting for about 4-5 years straight. Everyday... when I got into junior year LSD came around and I tried it about three times.(All separated apart like about 5 months each time.) They told me what I tripped was something like 25i and c. And they told me it was RC(reasearch chemicals). After I stopped smoking weed about 5 weeks ago I noticed that I had visual snow on flat surfaces and especially the dark. I thought it was normal until I got curious one day and did some research to find out it was not normal:( now I'm really paranoid and have crazy ass anxiety that I might be suffering from hppd. I don't get any visuals unless I stare at something hard for like 10 sec and when I'm not thinking about it I don't notice any of it including the visual snow. It's been a year sense my last RC/LSD trip. Am I just paranoid? God bless you all that have This syndrome to. I might be the next one to join y'all on this life TRIP. 

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How long have you been worried about it?

You may need some type of therapy. It's possible the drugs brought out an underlying mental illness (like anxiety or ocd) which you're finding harder to control now. 

I don't think the visuals are the problem for you. I think your case is more psychological.

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