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my way to recovery

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my hppd started when i was 15 years..i smoked ganja and took lsd..the day after i noticed the lsd was not over..i was then afraid of never coming down..i continud school and trying to keep up with scool and hanging out with friends..i still smoked ganja after i felt like never coming down from the trip,the smoking just made everything worse..i struggle with almost all hppd symptoms..it was a bad time..when i was 18 years i started to go to psycologist,that helped alot..but i did not tell him about the hallusinations the first time,i was afraid to get in a mental hospital..i started with alcohol and then i took ganja and lsd then amphetamin,ecstasy,more lsd..later i took my first shoot with heroin..i took heroin just too come down from lsd..i fixed some issues of hppd from self medication with heroin..i got addicted and become a slave to heroin..so for many years i used drugs to feel coming down from lsd..i have used drugs from i was 15years but i have use less and less drugs over the years..but in the end it was just heroin i took..some amphetamin..i have been multiple times in mental hospitals and have suffer psycotic times in my head..i remember i was alone home at my mothers house i was in terrible shape i prayed to God and he helped me..but then i used more drugs and i start suffering the same things..hallucinations,headics,mind confusion,many thoughts in my mind at the same time..at times i was suicidal..ive been trou almost everything of mental issues..but now i am at a christian rehab senter i have prayed to God in Jesus name to fix me and i have been cured from all my hppd symtoms for weeks now!Amen :))))I dont want to tell so much about my experience with God..but if you want me to i can talk about that to ? i have alot of wisdom and strategies to fight hppd witout God to..u must remember i have been struggling with hppd for over 20 year now i think and now im totally cured..its amazing..things that helped me besides God, is : Talking about it..accept it..dont be afraid of it..embrace it..learn to think positive about it..much more..this is a short text about me..sorry for bad english..if u have questions about me,my life or just anything you would like,feel free to just say everything you want!!! Amen

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