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Start medication right now or just wait?

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Hello everyone!

I'm gonna try to make my story pretty short:

I used LSD in the beginning of december while I was traveling.
I have used it about 4 times before with maybe 5-6 months in between.

I did get hppd symptoms a couple of days after the trip but since I was flying to much I thought this was just jetlag or something so I ignored it.
However in january the symptoms got worse and I was back home so I figured out something was not right. I have just came back home from a party with mdma and I guess that was not really good for me at the time.
(Generally I'm not a regular drug user of any kind and I never ever drink alcohol or use tobacco).

Anyway. I have not used any drugs, not even caffeine since january and even tho some of the symptoms have gotten a bit betten they are still there.

My question is: Should I search for medication right now, Keppra or anything. Or should I wait another 6 months to see if my symptoms go away?

I'm still hoping for everything to turn back to normal and I've seen stories where people actually recover 100% within a year.
I've been to the doctor but obviously I didnt want to say that I've been doing drugs, so all they did was to send me to a magnetic scan of my head.
(I dont know about usa but where I live, people have a BAD view at any drugs except alcohol and tobacco and all healthcare is "connected" which means all future doctors will see that I've been doing drugs. They also assume that u are some kind of drug addict. Which I'm not, I'm a hard working student who works out 6 days a week, and I'm eating super healthy and sleeping 8-9 hours/night)

And PLEASE! No negative "oh u will have this for 25+ years" posts etc.
I dont feel like that information, realistic or not, is giving me any positive energy to fight this problem right now.

Anyway. I've seen that Keppra has helped a lot of people.
I'm not really to interested in benzo since it looks like it just reliefs symptoms temporary and sooner or later u need a higher dose.

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I would wait if your symptoms are mostly visual. When mine first started it was more the panic attacks being the issue than anything and I felt that I couldn't wait. I've been on about 10 different meds in the past year and was on Abilify for 13 months but am getting off of it now. I've been on depakote for 6. The med rollercoaster is not fun and you will be on something for a month or two to see if it works only to find out it doesn't and then you have to withdrawal off of that drug and start the whole process over. Its a nightmare.

I want to eventually be med free as I feel like they've never helped me with anything. Klonopin is the only thing that helps my anxiety but I've managed to be so sporadic with my use that I've never gotten addicted to it.

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My personal opinion is that you're probably better off trying to get healthy the natural way and seeing if you have improvements before going on meds. Though meds are a tremendous help to many in this community I also think a lot of those people would prefer to be off meds if they could. In other words, my belief is meds should be a last resort, not a first. 

There are all sorts of natural antidepressants out there with less side effects. I've taken turmeric, bacopa and passionflower off and on for the last year with great success in treating my anxiety and depression. Food has helped me the most though. Either way, you might just give yourself a bit more time to see what your progress is like before you make a decision on anything.  

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Thank you for the response!
I will probably go at least a year before trying out meds then.
I had anxiety and still have but it has gotten better. It's worse when the visual and dp symptoms arise.

My workouts have been helping me a lot and I will ofc continue with stuff that make me feel better.
I'm trying to cut out on all the stress I can but I'm in university and studying really hard so obviously it's been hard to stay on track with this happening.

Thank you for your responses and sending the best and most positive vibes back at you guys!

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