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1op-2198 a potential medication for visual snow syndrome and hppd?

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this is a drug that is currently being developed and tinnitus is one of the diseases they are trying to target together with other cns hyperexcitability related disorders.

This drug seems to be related to retigabine which apparently caused vs in some patients ( based on what I read online) that's why I am not quite sure if this drug offers any hope for vs and hppd sufferers however I would love to hear from those of u who know more about  vs ( in scientific terms) . I know that there is a link between vs and tinnitus that's why I am hoping that this drug can also be used to treat vs and hppd .

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I like this. 

I don't know much about it.  I don't know if it is any good. But I found a video.  Good group of drugs to compare it to. 

[Note: I don't think this is the case with these guys but I have an issue with other Pharm Companies coming out of North Carolina.  I will post a thread about this.]

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Apparently they're gonna have their phase 2 trials in mid 2018 . That means the drug will be available within 6 years or so ? 

I don't know much about pharm companies. I just hope that this one will help vs and tinnitus.


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"XEN1101 acts as a neuronal Kv7 voltage-gated potassium channel opener, which has been developed to stabilize nerve cells, control action potential burst firing, and reduce brain hyperexcitability as a treatment for seizures."

All three of these targeted areas have potential links to HPPD so this is encouraging. Plus, anticonvulsants seem to have a pretty good track record in this community so even if it's not perfect perhaps it can at least provide some relief here or there. 

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I really hope that this is the miracle pill that we've all been waiting for ; effective without dangerous side effects . lamotrigine and Keppra have some rare but extremely scary side effects plus neither fully eliminate or significantly diminish our symptoms.

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