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Just a symptom check I wanted to see if anyone could relate. Besides the usual symptoms I've read.

- lines vibrating , whether it's lines on your phone screen, or basically lines on walls like the edge lines of things. They vibrate . 

- a tingly/numb life sensation when I'm laying down , especially bottom portion of my body . Can get quite annoying. Usually happens every time I lay down.

- eye shadows in my peripheral vision , basically in the side of my vision I usually see a little shadow more like a dash, a thick line you could say, mostly in the sky (never a human form shadow or anything )

- beams of light at night when I'm driving in the night sky instead of seeing shadows I'll see a beam of dim lit light across the sky, and when I look that way it's gone.

- a surreal feeling like you don't remember what it's like to feel normal , could resemble low DR maybe.  But more like I just don't remember how to be or feel normal.

- vértigo like symptoms , also semi dizzy and unsteady , sometimes feels like can't walk straight 

- also double vision . More like ghosting I think it's called. A semi double vision of things

i think that's it for now if I think of anything else I'll post it.

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I had the vibrating lines in the first 2 months or so, but have come back randomly the past few days, along with the dizziness symptoms. I think if you don't pay attention to it you'll notice it less with time and regular exercise is a good way to combat the dizzy feeling.

The surreal feeling is DP/DR for sure. 

I only get ghosting occasionally, but its certainly a common symptom for HPPD sufferers.  

Not quite sure what you mean by eye shadows but could just be floaters distracting you. Another common symptom 

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