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Jaw Tremors/Teeth Chattering


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Hello everyone . Just wanted to know if anyone can relate, ive been dealing with a mild hppd case for a couple of months now (I'm guessing it's HPPD since I can relate to everyone's visual symptoms) , but one symptom I still have and I haven't seen anyone post about it is jaw tremors ? I have daily all day long jaw tremors. If I put my teeth together they chatter no matter what unless I clench my jaw. It's a non stop chatter. Sometimes I don't notice it I try to ignore it but it's always there. And does get worse when I get anxious . Can anyone relate ?

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When I was going through my trip and for a few weeks after, I did have some pretty gnarly bruxtism going on. Magnesium helped attenuate it whenever it flared up. Also ativan helped somewhat.

Occasionally I'll get episodic bouts of rigors when its cold outside, like exagerated whole body shivering. Then there's also like this weird brain zap thing that goes on and makes my jaw spaz out and gets my heart racing.

Tremors tend to be a part of anxiety, which tends to be part of the whole hppd package. They'll manifest themselves in different ways. I know when my anxiety was particularly awful, Id be shaking all over.

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