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Getting too gready with my recovery


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It's been almost 7 months now dealing with very mild HPPD. It first I found it unbearable, I was throwing up every morning, terrible stomach cramps, couldn't eat or sleep, severe depression and anxiety which crippled me. Cut to present day, emotionally I'm almost back to normal.

Things have stopped moving towards me when I stare at them, carpets don't move any more. Headaches are gone and now I have just a little eye pain to deal with. Visual snow has decreased a bit. Dizziness and unbalance has gone. The only thing I'm left with is slight frame fate issues and mild palinposia. To anyone else this is basically cured. 

Yet im still struggling to deal with what has happened to me, I still get very preoccupied with my lingering visuals. Sometimes I even feel hopeless. I kept promising myself I'll be fine if this gets better, that gets better etc. when it does get better I'll move on to something else. 

I'm nervous that these small visual disturbances are going to take over my life.

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