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Hello, my story


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So I'm really not sure I even belong here. I have some symptoms that sound just like hppd. Although I've never taken any hallucinogen (besides micro dosing shrooms in the past) I did OD on several different ssri medications. I was only 18 when I was put on an AD, which made me very suicidal. I took all the pills in the house and ended up in the ICU. I couldn't sleep for days, had tremors, fully dilated pupils, and auditory hallucinations. I heard music playing even though there wasn't even any sound in the hospital. Along with other issues. Now ever since that night, I experience very irritating symptoms. I frequently think I see faces or people in my peripheral vision, though nothing is there. I see shimmering lights when in the dark, and looking at the sky. Sometimes when I hear any kind of white noise, it turns into music. Lastly, I recently started taking another ssri and when I see a bright light, it stays in my vision for like a full 10 minutes. I'll see headlights, and they linger in the middle of my vision and obstructs my view.


Thank you for reading this. I appreciate any thoughts or comments :) Hope everyone is doing well.

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Hi and welcome.  I'm new to this forum as well.  I don't know much about ssri medications so I'm not much help there.  However. My hppd symptoms are very similar to what I experienced while on hallucinogenic drugs but not as extreme.  I'm curious if your symptoms are similar to what you've  felt while taking ssri medications.  The brain governs the way we experience reality and there are a lot of chemicals that alter that experience.  Do the symptoms linger after you stop taking the ssri meds?  Note. I'm not suggesting you discontinue any medication without consulting with your doctor.  I'm no doctor that's for sure!  

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