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NODID and HPPDonline History

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NODID.org is now back in my hands. It means very little in the big picture, but a small celebration. 

I registered NODID.ORG when we formed the National Organization for Drug-induced Disorders, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity. 

I lost the domain name, which suddenly jumped to $600 and was owned by various other groups. NODID, the organization is no longer active, but I have accounts that use dkozin@nodid.org as an e-mail back-up that should allow me to enter places to enter other sites. 

Admins: E-mail david.s.kozin@gmail.com with any financial issues and current SITREP. I contacted some of the larger sites to fix their links, which explains some drain on the the site, and I may have a donor that will pay for hosting. 

I am having a significant family issue that may result in a slow response, but much more quickly than never.

If you are interested in learning about the history of the hppdonline.com web site, you can go to wayback machine and look at nodid.org and hppdonline.com and see what I was working on at different stages and can get some interesting information. 

Here are images from the history of HPPDonline and one from NODID. The oldest record in 1991. 

- David






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