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Has anyone tried Ibudilast?

It's an anti-inflammatory, used in Japan and South Korea, which acts as a PDE4 and TLR4 antagonist to help patients recovering with stroke (vasodilator) and also as a bronchodilator with a relatively benign safety profile. 

It has some unique CNS activity, and suppresses glial cell activation, UCLA is conducting a research, using it to help Methamphetamine users with the whole neuro-inflammatory cascade they get, and to keep them off of the drug. It's also being investigated for use in MS to help deal with Neuropathic pain, and even has its own painkilling effect, it also potentiates and helps reduce the development of tolerance of Opiod receptors. In brain cancer research, they found that when combo'd with temozolomide in the treatment of GBM, they found it to increase survival of patients while reducing the expression of genes associated with aggressive growth and malignancy of cancerous cells. 

Given the changes in cerebral blood flow that have been observed in HPPD patients, I thought it may be something to give a look over. I ordered some from a trustworthy research-chem vendor, and will be looking to see if it will help with anything, although there is something in the back of my mind telling me to bite the bullet and get the pharma grade stuff. In the nootropics community people have looked at it for its anti-inflammatory properties, for its suppression of cytokine production. 

In the United States there are clinical trials looking to bring the drug to market under the MN-166, but it could be a few years before the FDA decides to approve it, and insurance companies will probably be unlikely to cover it due to the whole "Medically necessary" clause when it comes to coverage. 

It's simplistic to think of this as a panacea for all the symptoms, but it could be used as an adjunct to deal with bloodflow issues/any lingering case of chronic inflammation? 

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18 hours ago, swissman123 said:

Hey man, just curious to hear what you've found out so far? Have you tried it out?

My symptoms are mostly headaches and weird tingly/numb sensations in the head. Wondering if this might help...

Same as you, leaving an answer to be updated.

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I had private messages with someone who greatly benefited from it. They felt they were asd and that might have something to do with it. It seems to be quite the supplement  


I took it as well. The first time it made me irritable foe two months after taking my last tiny dose. It did allow me to sleep soundly for the first time in Hearst 

second time I flew into a rage but kept dosing. Irritability went away within a few days. I couldn’t discern much effect but it felt… healthy. I stopped because I lost the vial and haven’t reordered haha.

just beware of the anger component if you get that. AFAIK it was a strange response. It did pass quite fast though. 

best of luck to you all.

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