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Black dot symptoms

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Hi, i have visual snow after used drug (4-FA research chemical)

I had visual snow i see only at night, but it dont really annoying me.

The worst symptom is those black dots that appear and then disappear on your vision (often at peripheral vision), i think its called blue field entopic phenomeon, but i dont only see when i look the sky but everywhere where its bright, its very killed me !

So someone got a medication or something to atenuate this shit ? Keppra, memantine, lamictal, vitamine ?
I don't care about visual snow but wanna cure this black dots ^^

I eat clean, i train 4x a week, the only stuff it attenuate this (i mean i no longer get bothered by those black dot is Kratom cuz it make me high lol but its addictive ), and of course plenty of sleep, when i don't sleep well or much its horrible !

I already take vitamine, antioxydant, omega 3, vit D 

Thanks so much and sorry for my english, i'm french :D

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Are you sure you are not thinking of Floaters? Black dots and lines that move slowly across your vision?

If yes, they are perfectly natural... I had them since i was about 6 years old...

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