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Almost 2 Years Later


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If you're reading this I guess you also have gotten HPPD. I want to tell my brief experience up until now because I remember how lost and insecure I felt in the beginning of all this.

Most drug stories end up being a shit ton of typing so beware. Currently I am 18, briefly my drug history started when I was 14 with weed. I primarily only did weed and occasionally drink and even more occasionally do pills for about a year/ year and a half. Then around this time two years ago I tried psychedelics for the first time. The thing was, it was the research chemical Nbome which i cannot find much about, mine was called 25-D, but we just call it fake acid. Although I have most likely tried a variety of pills at-least once or twice with the exception of using adderal/vyvanse quite a bit during high-school strictly for finals and the SAT.  I never did coke or MDMA or anything harder than about that(not even a fucking cig). However this fake acid effected me just as the same as bad coke or molly eitherway. 

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