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Took me 20+ years but i finally found you


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Hi. Im brand new here and my episodes started after taking too much lsd back in 93. Seen too many psychiatrists and neurologists to count. Been diagnosed bipolar, schitsofrenia, temporal lobe epilepsy, depressed, sevear anxiety and panic attacks.  After doing some research found a article that lead me here.  And you all are describing what ive been living with for 24 years.   Have an appt with neurologist in couple weeks and going to call my psychiatrist have her look into it.  Any and every anti depressant and anti psychotic makes more episodes  (dont have another word to call it) and lately ive had more and more.  Im 43 now. Any advise.  Im living on xanax.

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Welcome Reno.

I was in the wilderness for 15 years too, luckily found this place 6 or so years ago after trying every search term I could think of... it's a horrible feeling not knowing what this is and quite a relief to find other people who understand. I'm sure you will find some invaluable info here.

The anti pyschs and anti depressent meds are very bad for most hppd sufferers, so be sure to tell your doctors. Maybe try looking the direction of Keppra or Lamictal... They didn't help me, but have helped others here.

All the best, Jay

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