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Going to the neurologist

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I have my problems for 2,5 months now and I think about going to the neurologist. If it is actually HPPD aka neurological damage, shouldn't it be measurable?

I do not have so many hallucinations, it is mostly anxiety and feeling of being detached from the world. I sometimes think I triggered some kind of schizophrenia by drug use. I did not even do a lot of psychs, just shrooms two times and both times low doses. However the second time was quite horrible and I feel like this experience "haunts" me. I felt very isolated and horrified on shrooms and somehow I can't get rid of this feeling. Sometimes I hope that I am "just" psychologically traumatized. 

However if an actual neurological damage happened, is it measurable?

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Quite a few people have seen neurologists but I haven't heard any stories about getting definitive answers about anything. Most of the time it seems the neurologists haven't heard of HPPD (they sure don't teach it in school) and exams come back normal. That said, I'm still seeing a neurologist in a few days just to see what happens. I'll be sure to report my findings here once I'm done. 

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