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Hello all,

I haven't posted for several years,

After suffering in silence and searching for answers for about 10 years!

I was diagnosed by Dr Abraham four years ago with HPPD,slight depression and panic disorder which consisted of anxiety, occasional panic attacks and agoraphobia.

I was told that HPPD is not really treatable but all of the other disorders are!

Most likely the other disorders are triggering the hppd, a vicious circle really!

Treatment was citalopram in the morning and diazepam if I can't sleep or before an event or circumstance that would usually cause me panic or anxiety!

This treatment worked wonders and in no time I was firing on all cylinders again!

In the last for years I have established a successful business and have a baby girl!

The only problem is, I have introduced stress into my life and altho the hppd seems to be barley noticeable anymore! My anxiety has worsened and the occasional panic attack has returned.

To top that off I started having strange sensations when taking diazepam!

I'm now on the maximum recommended dosage for citalopram

I have switched to taking lorazepam but now on a daily dosage.

This treatment plan actually works well but I feel taking a daily dose of benzos maybe a bad idea for the long run!

Dr Abraham has now retired and I have a new Dr now, he seems very good and he swapped my benzos around which worked well!

He recommended I take l-methylfolate 15 mg along with my citalopram as it may help the citalopram to work again!

I have a couple of options

1-increase dosage of citalopram above the recommended dosage.

2- take l-methylfolate 15 mg along with my citalopram and see if it helps.

The question I have for everyone is;

Has anyone tried taking l-methylfolate and if so have you had any positive/negative effects from it?

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I heard it can increase symptoms x100, but in the longterm it can help to people with lyme (its an experience i heard from one guy with lyme). Lyme by the way can be strikingly simmilar to some HPPD cases (there is a suspection that it could cause HPPD for some)..

Anyway - if you are to take it, start with small doses.. maybe even 1 mg and increase, to see with what dose do you feel comfortable with, then take it for few weeks/months and don't try to push it / increase the dose to fast. See if there is any long-term benefit.

That is my advice.


All the bests

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I have a methylation problem and have to take it everyday. I've never had an issue with it. Don't have the bottle on hand right now but I think Im taking around 700 percent daily intake and have taken 1333 percent before without issue. Tbh I've found it to be benign stuff and don't notice any cognitive problems or emotional issues. Everyone is different though! 


When did Dr. Abraham retire?

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On 12.01.2017 at 1:01 AM, LJ1985 said:

Increase symptoms of hppd or anxiety ?

im asking as it's been proven to help with depression which is closely linked to anxiety! 

So I was advised to give it a shot,

thanks for the reply btw.

Both VS and anxiety as well as many other symptoms.

Thats what happened to me. I cannot tolerate it.. But I will consider taking smal pinch of it everyday, cause two pinches is already too much for me personally.

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