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so how was 2016 for you?


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Just thought it would be good to start a thread for 2016 reviews as we are almost at the end of it. I am interested to hear how 2016 has gone for you and dealing with your HPPD.

My 2016 is the 2nd year since developing neurological problems from a heavy 24 hour drug trip. When I look back 2016 as a whole has been a lot better than 2015 for my hppd. I have learned a lot about how to deal with it and I know my limits. I now know when it's a bad idea to have a strong coffee or alcohol as it increases my DR / DP. 2016 has been full of ups and downs. I completed the London marathon earlier this year and I got married last month. My hppd was part of it you just have to accept it is the new you. I would much rather a life with altered consciousness than no conciousness although there have been times when I would say the opposite lol. I was very scared that I would have a full on mental break down on my wedding day as I am a very socially anxious person and I thought it would play havok with my derealization. It turned out to be the happiest day of my life and I did my speech fine which is what I was really worried about. I completely forgot about hppd for a day for once I was shocked.

There have been bad days of course. I have had a number of episodes where my perception has been so badly altered that I feel like I am actually on acid and have genuinely thought that someone slipped it into my drink. There are much more rare now than they were in 2015 thankfully. At present my main concern is my cognitive functioning. I am becoming increasingly forgetful and my mind just goes completely blank sometimes for a few mins and I wonder why I am here and what I am doing. This can be very scary and my heart starts racing.

I have just got back from my honeymoon in the riviera maya in Mexico near cancun. It was absolutely beautiful best 2 weeks ever. Highly recommend going. I had a relaxing Caribbean massage there for an hour and that was the best therapy for my hppd bar none lol need to have some more of those! Such a beautiful country with a rich history and vibrant culture.

In 2017 I am hoping to get better at reducing my anxiety. I want to make sure I am getting enough sleep and exercise as I think this will be the best way to reduce it. I still fear for the future. We are hoping to have a child within the next 2 years. My biggest fear is that my children grow up to see me slowly become a vegetable and loose my job because my mental state has deteriorated so bad. I am trying to battle and stay optimistic. Bring it on I don't even care anymore this condition is bullshit life is just a joke anyway so might as well try and laugh with it.

Anyway how was your year?

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I wish you the best man keep it up hope you will have a great 2017 and keep exercise its my life saver from hppd cure

Go in variation in sports and wonders can happen

My 2016 was going backwards after i recoverd from hppd i start to smoke tabbaco again and its only gething worse with my health and i am struggling to quit buth noth there yet buth last 2 months its getting better whe hope for the good days and learn from the mistake we made

Wish everybody a happy 2017 keep it going

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It was such a hell in the beginning, Headaches, brainfog anxiety .. just not feeling right and feeling slow like I cant do anything at all oh and not being able to fall asleep.


But it just slowly kept getting better and better and it really went uphill when i stopped with ciggarette's, alcohol and started to meditate and join Nofap


The diffrence is unreal I cant really remember how it used to be a year ago, and I really dont wanna know either lol im fine with this.



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Thanks for posting this. I really appreciate reading other people's stories and seeing how they cope with this condition. Congrats on the marriage too! Good to see you're not letting HPPD totally control your life.   


As for me, 2016 was the worst year of my existence. I honestly don't know how anyone on earth could have had a worse year than me, although I'm sure many people did, unfortunately. I distinctly remember rolling over and looking at my alarm clock New Years Day, seeing it blur across my entire field of vision and thinking it was going to be a really rough year. I had already spent six months battling the worst of my HPPD and DP and I thought by then I would have made a lot more progress than I had. This would of course become an ongoing theme of HPPD: that although I continue improving it's at an unimaginably slow rate that's extremely difficult to cope with. 


I'm now I'm almost a full year from that day and so much has changed. I've made much more progress, but I still have so long to go before I get to a point where I can move on with my life. I imagine that will still be a few years away. I'm also battling other health issues that haven't made my life any easier but those are getting better as well. After 20 months of HPPD I still have bad days but compared to the bad days I had when I first got this they're nothing to complain about. 


This past year could not have ended any worse (especially with our election in the U.S. and all the great artists that passed away) but I know it can only get better from here so I'm trying to stay as positive as I can. I have a diet that works for me. I have a routine that works for me. And I'm making progress, slowly but surely. Now it's just a matter of staying alive, plugging away, taking it one day at a time and hoping that here in a few years I'll be able put this chapter of my life behind me -- not that I will forget it, just that I'll be able to live a somewhat normal life once again. 

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Estoy muy contento de ver a su historia. El mío es bastante similares que usted !!!! :)Estoy trabajando como chef en un restaurante de mi barrio ... y mi jefe y los socios de trabajo (que son 3 chicas) están muy contentos conmigo. Cuando empecé, yo era el ayudante del chef. Yo estaba muy ansiosa y tenía mucho miedo ... cómo hacer algo ... ¿Cómo Damm yo hacer el bien mi trabajo, prestar atención a todas las creaciones de alimentos, mantenimiento y supplu de casas almacenes, pedidos, incendios ... y todo lo que puede imaginar estar director / primer chef ?? Ahora, después de 3 meses, lo estoy haciendo muy bien mi trabajo, solo trabajando como chef. Tengo ascenso :). Y ganar dinero. He estado aprendiendo lo que comentas, vivir otra vez con mi perspectiva. Por supuesto que todavía tengo problemas cognitivos, pero se jodan, yo me prometió volver a vivir y eso es lo que estoy haciendo. Ahora tengo dinero, me quedo con mucho ... Quiero volar, quiero de nuevo los viajes, la compra de ropa bonita, que tiene momentos realmente divertidos y belleza con mi hermano pequeño, mi familia .... 


También tengo momentos en los que pienso, lo Damm que estoy haciendo aquí? Lo que llegué aquí lol, pero es sólo unos minutos ... normalmente me controlo. Trato de hacer mi día withouth ansiedad y paso a paso para no perderse a mí mismo a través de tareas difíciles y .... La ansiedad puede hacer que se sienta realmente desconectado. Estoy de acuerdo con el deporte y dormir bien. Puedo ejecutar todos los días 15 minutos (En mi opinión cuando se tiene HPPD que tiene que hacer pequeñas cosas, todo en exceso es malo ...) y dormir 7-9 horas :)


Im muy feliz de ver que está recibiendo su espalda en vivo, y muy feliz de ver que se casaron! :PTambién espero algún día para conseguir una relación ... y enamorarse de nuevo ... Ahora voy a salir de una relación tóxica que tuve con una chica de mi país, que tiene HPPD :)Ahora tengo mi dinero y lo uso todo forme mi tiempo y mi familia lol. Ya sabes, Casino. Unas copas con mis pequeños bro / amigos. Comer bien y deliciosa comida. El pago attetion a mis aficiones (He comprado un buen PC y jugar de nuevo en línea, la compra de ropa agradable de llevar y deporte) y ser feliz. No más. Eso es suficiente por ahora.


Déjeme que le diga. De su niño futuro, que no tendrían un mejor padre. Usted es un buen hombre que está haciendo realmente el mejor está en él las manos, por lo que, no tienen miedo. Me repito todos los días. No nos estamos haciendo mal, así, no vamos a ser un vegetal. Estamos cada vez, lo que significa que usted tendrá más estrategias para afrontar la situación, e incluso le haremos caso de todas las mierdas de HPPD. Es extraño para mí y es interessting para mí mi pequeño secreto, nadie sabe mi condición, eso me hace muy seguro de mí. Casi me siento disconfort cuando estoy con otras personas. Soy yo. No más. Soy lo que soy y nada ni nadie puede decir nada


Buena suerte a todos ustedes amigos y FELIZ CHRISTMASSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XX


PD: i'm spanish boy. sorry if i wrotte some bad words in english! :^*

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2016 has been the same as 2006 and 1996... a tripped out year with some ups and downs, some screw ups and some betterment of myself! I'm happy that I have a new neurologist in the UK and he has been great, very compassionate and helped. Awaiting EEG and MRI results, so hopefully 2017 brings some answers.


On a less personal note, 2016 can fucking do one.... Trump, Brexit, right wing idealogies, disgusting fake wars, ISIS, terror, media hate mongering, russian airstrikes, trucks mowing down families and a steady march towards the end of the world :rolleyes:


Happy Holidays! :D

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Been feeling a lot better since the summer- before that it was more of the same.


2017 looks promising (on a personal level- not a global one as Jay said)... just need to stick it out through this god forsaken winter hellscape season to resume my life :P


I wish everyone happiness and happy holidays... we deserve it.

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Been a rough couple weeks but in retrospect 2016 was remarkably better than the year before. 2015 was the worst year of my life. This one had its bumps and im still totally fucked from hppd/lamitrogine but I've made progress with my bands and have met a very sweet girl and its going pretty well despite how fucked I feel. I remember getting laid on NYE last year and thinking well this year is already off to a better start than all of 2015 combined haha. I've been having a major flare up the past coulple weeks. My partner is in Europe and I'm worried im gunna be all whacked out when she's back but I'll just have to deal with that when I come to it. She knows I have issues and she is by far the most compassionate and understanding person I've ever met and I'm so lucky to have her. So lucky.

To sum it up: 2016 was a shitty year for the human race but not so bad for me :)

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