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Update on My Life with HPPD

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Wow it has been a while and the site has been dead !

So for the past (almost) four months, my HPPD has drastically declined. I noticed how much my HPPD had been reduced after taking Hydroxyzine a few times. Only noticeable symptoms are walls and the floor appearing to breathe or melt when I have my eyes fixed on something. I just gotta keep my eyes constantly moving. While driving, if I just keep my eyes fixed on the road, the road will start twisting around and breathing so I have to always be looking around at all of my surroundings. I started learning how to drive a couple months ago and I am a pretty good driver. I thought my HPPD was going to make it impossible but it's actually easy and I'm a better driver than my mother.

I rarely smoke weed anymore. Last time was about a month ago and I most likely won't be smoking again anytime soon because I don't want to risk it driving while stoned.

I saw the Doctor Strange movie and that movie was so trippy. I actually got triggered by that movie and almost had a panic attack because the effects were so similar to my HPPD symptoms and the visuals I used to see on LSD, and Benadryl.

My life at this point is pretty chill. I rarely have anxiety now but the anxiety did get replaced with something else. I easily get angry, annoyed and agitated. I have learned to accept Depersonalization and to me, it's not really a big deal to me anymore i accepted it. The constant autopilot mode actually feels kind of enjoyable sometimes especially during school. That's "Constantly being zoned out (but fully conscious)" feeling actually seems to make time go by faster

Let's get this site running again !

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I saw that movie too. Total cgi wank fest but ya it fucked with me and my hppd at first. Especially when he's flying through all those dimensions of reality. But it tapered off and I got through the flick. Definitely an hppd trigger warning tho

Glad to hear you're feeling better

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