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Malaria Medication?

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Has anyone had any issues with malaria medications like atovaquone-proguanil? I'm going to Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia this month and am very worried about having a bad reaction to the medication. My hppd is very very sensitive. I can't do any drugs or even drink without severe downstream effects that last months (I'm not sure I really recover when I do them, just change into a different chemical state). Any experience or advice people have would be wonderful!

Much love

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Tough to say. I think you should be safe with stuff like that though. Lamotrigine, caffeine, alcohol, licorice root and some hardcore sleep medication are the only things that have made my symptoms noticeably worse and I always recovered within a few days after taking them. But I've been to the doctor plenty over the last six months and have had all kinds of medications and haven't had any worsening of symptoms. I think you should be alright with medicine like that. 

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