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Has anyone have their DP/DR go away?


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Hai Guys, been about 14 months with HPPD.

now things are going  much and much better


Just a little update before my question.


Anxiety has been lowered atleast 80% 

Brainfog also around 80% I dont even feel it anymore.. im most suprised with that one .. I can enjoy stressfull things like gaming again.

And the most recest changes Ive noticed that my trails/halo's/starburst and ghosting has been getting alot less too :)


I stopped drinking alcohol, avoided as much cafeine as i could and started meditation.


So now for the question:


How could you actually know that your DP/DR is gone? you go from feeling not alive to alive and it probably would freak you out alot?

Has anyone have this happen to them 


I have no idea if i still have DP/DR or that im just still in the mindset of it.



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If you're not getting the symptoms of it, it could be gone, that is if you mean specifically DP/DR, if you mean HPPD its rarely never completely resolved and in the few cases that it is claimed, its probably just lack of perception from the party claiming it to be gone. Basically whenever its seemed to have been resolved just drink enough coffee and you'll realize its still there. The DP/DR can definitely go away though. Generally DP/DR is seen in the earlier stages of HPPD, and typically can resolve, but it seems to just depend on person to person, and is probably dependent on which type of drug they used and what part of the brain was more affected.

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