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Hi. I'm back again. My HPPD are 90% better, and I come here, to help and share my history and talk about I made to feel better. Now, I'm scared. I have gone to my doctor and she told me I have a big ear infection, so, I have to take amoxicilin (antibiotics) for 10 days. I'm wondering if antibiotics can exacerbate symptos or... kick my ass to the point I started with HPPD, because, I'remember 2 years ago, when my hppd started, I was on ciprofloxacin (for ear infection again), and it was unbareable to cope with HPPD. I repeat, my HPPD is 90% better!! and I wouldn't like start again... 


I'll report you and... I hope that helps in the future all people who need to take antibiotics.


regards  :)  :)

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Fucked has hell. Lol. So... I'm not a doctor and I wouldn't advice you to dont follow any treatment... which your doc wanna prescribe you.. but i'm a person who have HPPD and I share my history... I've been months feeling 100% my oldself.. and now I'm fucked like the first day. I'll report you tomorrow. I hope it finish quickly ... or get symptoms vanished fast. Good night mates.


PD: I'll never take it again... I'll look for natural treatments.. I think antibiotics are prescribed in a lot of situations which could be solved with easy or natural ways. So, I stop it. I took one pill last morning and... that's nightmare. Prominent halos, hard afterimages and the whole yard you can imagine. 



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Man I'm sor sorry to hear you are feeling bad :( I empathoze strongly with you. Perhaps start an extreme probiotic regamine? I took probiotics when my HPPD wasn't as extreme but o can't say if it made it worse or not. I was drinking and smoking large amounts of pot. Who knows then...

I sincerely hope you feel better.

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