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light supplements for anxiety

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hi all,


my hppd visuals have been manageable for years now. however, my DP and anxiety has been increased and it's making it difficult to speak clearly (i think triggered by separating from my girlfriend and the jetlag of flying to the otherside of the world). anyways, now that i'm back in the U.S. i was thinking about trying some of the many available herbal supplements available for a boost of mental clarity and confidence. however, i'm scared that something in them might flare up my hppd again--who knows how our bodies will react to different substances if some random substances caused hppd? 


that being the case, i was hoping for some recommendations and cautions.


basically the only think i'm comfortable taking now are homeopathics! but i was also considering:








what do you all think?





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I don't understand what you're planning on taking supplements for. Is it DP, anxiety or confidence? Two of those three do not respond well to virtually any form of medication, those being DP and confidence. There is no cure for either. As for anxiety, you can always go with benzos but you're much better off doing natural things like meditating, working out, etc. It sounds like what you need more than anything is therapy. I think that can be a pretty good outlet for all the things listed above, however it is a bit more expensive...

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