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Stag Do

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My stag do is coming up soon which means there will be plenty of alcohol involved. I haven't been drunk since I got HPPD last year. What are other people's experiences with alcohol and their HPPD? I am concerned that it might make it worse. It will be a one off few beers but I'm still worried about it since it is still a dangerous drug at the end of the day.

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I've drank alot since hppd.... It makes me feel pretty good at the time, gets rid of my anxiety and makes me have fun again... I feel like my pre-hppd self....


The next day is hell though, massive anxiety. My recomendation is to get a benzo for the hangover.


Have a good time on your stag do though.... I don't remember much us mine and woke up in a skip :D

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Thanks I'm sure it will be a laugh. I have heard from another post that hangovers suck with HPPD so I will just book the following day off work and take it really easy. I don't have any access to benzos unfortunately so I will just have to suffer it with a few paracetamols and a greasy fry up. My friends that are HPPD-free will suffer equally I am sure lol. Wow woke up in a skip? That must of been one hell of a night lol. The scene will always be missing. I think it might be a good idea to go and see my GP before hand and ask for a blood test to make sure there is nothing else going on because I feel very tired and weak all the time at the moment. Last thing I want is to end up in the back of an ambulance due to intoxication again, they will start knowing my face. My main fear is that I will go into a major derealization episode when I am drunk and end up in a psychotic state. Fingers crossed this won't happen. Alcohol mainly affects GABA and Glutamate so it should be ok as long as nobody drops an E in my drink!

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