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Hi Guys been a long time of the forum, hope you are all good .


Back2Bone is the name i have given an Idea/experiment that I am almost a year into , now I need your help with advice 



36 years with HPPD I'm now 53 and ill say most symptoms have faded away into the background and basically i just get on with it .


So to answer any fears that hppd will worsen as you get older (in my case isn't true)  pretty much my neurological system has not diminished faster than any other persons without HPPD .



However the fatigue that follows HPPD and fibromyalgia ( which I suffer ) has increased somewhat, leading me to look for some natural relief away from dihydrocodeine which i take on a daily basis 60 mg and it works to some degree, but i am keenly aware and cautious about addiction to opioids.



My thinking around HPPD has always been that it's a physical condition that affects us mentally basically a hangover from chemicals that linger in the body for a long time that didn't  get removed from our systems at the time of taking them , along the lines of DDt in the vietnam war and pesticides sprayed on crops over they years.


To date I have lost about 3 stone and intend to lose another 3-4 stone giving me a base weight of around 10 stone or just under, my plan is to remove as much body fat as possible then gradually increase my weight with non toxic body fat to around 12 stone.


I have now started a niacin detox 500mg - 1000mg along with activated charcoal and have been using the steam room at the gym and following Dr yu detox plans .


On the first week of doing this detox i had the most amazing HPPD rattle , my hppd came back full blown dp/dr the works and it lasted about 3 -4 days , now i've had hppd rattles in the past from smoking pot and a bit of coke but that was in my early 20s and no where near as bad as this, so i can only assume 3 things from this    1, the niacin flushed all the dihydrocodeine from my system into my blood  or 2. the niacin flushed lsd from my fat tissues into the blood . 3 the niacin flushed both dihydrocodeine and lsd from my fat tissues into my blood .


Something definitely caused a huge HPPD rattle which one i'm not sure ? 


So i've lowered my dose of niacin to 100 mg and will proceed with caution .


So my plan is to go Back2Bone nice and slowly and see if my body has been storing LSD in my fat cells.


I have also removed all chemicals from my diet over the year and been doing a juicing diet and only have one meal a day along with the juice normally at night .


What i don't know is  what vitamins and minerals i will need to slowly lose weight to my target weight at the moment i'm taking standard daily vitamins .


Is there a vitamins and mineral chart anywhere online associated with weight loss and what you absolutely need to maintain good health as you go down .?


Ps i'm interested also in the topic of (coenzymate b complex ) has the trail tailed off ?


Keep up the fight guys you are all amazing and you will get through it .


Thanks Robbie 


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I'm a student of biochemistry going into my fourth year now. Take my advice for whatever it's worth.

Fat tissue is constantly undergoing a process of mobilising stored fat into the bloodstream, and sequestering fat from the bloodstream back into storage. Whatever LSD is stored into fat tissue after dosing is therefore bound to return to the bloodstream within a reasonable amount of time. Because LSD has a relatively short half life in the blood, the amount of LSD left in your body rapidly declines through this process. On the top of my head I would estimate that there would be practically no LSD left in your body six months after dosing.

My understanding of HPPD is that it is not a result of residual drugs lingering in your system, but rather a result of cell death/receptor damage as a result of trauma (excitotoxicity?) under the influence of the drug. The result being more or less permanent damage to the regulatory (inhibitory) mechanisms in the visual cortex and other affected areas of the brain.


From "Flashbacks and HPPD: A Clinical-oriented Concise Review" by Lerner et al:



The basic mechanism underlying this syndrome appears to affect vulnerable LSD users who develop chronic disinhibition of visual processors and consequent dysfunction in CNS function (3,15-17). This disinhibition might be associated with an LSD-generated intense current (18) that led to the destruction or dysfunction of cortical serotonergic inhibitory interneurons with GABA-nergic outputs mechanisms which are involved with sensory filtering process of unnecessary stimuli in certain brain areas (16, 18). Investigations of HPPD patients with qEEG mapping indicate that the disorder is represented by disinhibition in the cerebral cortex (15). Thus, an unsuccessful defective sensory gating mechanism may be involved in the pathogenesis of this syndrome (19), facilitating the continuation of the central process of visual imagery after the image has been removed from the visual field (20).


By all means, don't let this stop you from changing your lifestyle. Exercise is really great for HPPD. Just be aware that going through a complete detox might not be necessary or make much of a difference.

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Hi thanks for the reply, The detox already has made a huge difference , and taking a niacin flush gave me a pretty big HPPD rattle, and I've had a few of these in 36 years mostly drug related .


I understand the Chemistry/Science in your reply but one thing i Know for sure is that certain symptoms of HPPD diminish and recover to base level over the years and is not permanent .


It is however a long process .


what I found interesting is that having such a rattle after all these years brought on by a niacin flush is suggestive of chemical release from the fatty tissues.


Only suggestive and not fact , however very interesting and worth further investigation . Checkout Dr yu trails in chemical detox .


Thanks Robbie 

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