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I was wondering if I should take Xanax and if it is safe for HPPD and Depersonalization ? I quit buspirone like a month and a half ago because it messed with my emotions too much then stopped working all together. I was on a road trip with a friend and I start having panic attacks in the car and he offered me Xanax but I refused but now I'm thinking I should start taking it. I have been smoking weed again for the past few months because it's a temporary escape but, of course it has had negative consequences.

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It's one of the most addictive drugs of all benzos. Considering your lack of self control, I would say this is a dreadful idea.


It is a benzo, so should work fine for HPPD and dp, but you are not ready for these meds, imho.


Go and read about Xanax addiction and withdrawal.

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Xanax aka alprazolam is safe to take with HPPD.


However, alprazolam just like all other benzodiazepines is highly addicting when not used in a controlled manner. With alprazolam it is especially easy to get carried away with it and end up with one of the nastiest addictions to quit, probably second only to alcohol (benzodiazepine withdrawal is hell. Not only could it potentially kill you, but the effects could last years if you don't come off it properly, and coming off of it properly takes months to years for some people and even then they still could exhibit withdrawal symptoms).


Even when you do use it in a controlled manner, if you use it for more than a month (in general), you'll probably end up psychologically and physically dependent on it. You won't be addicted to it in the sense that you'll have to keep taking more and more to get your fix, but your body and brain will simply not allow you to stop taking it without consequences.


Ergo, tread very carefully when dealing with benzos.

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