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Worried I may actually have the start of MS

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Over the last 3 to 4 months I have noticed a very big increase in fatigue and anxiety. I have been having very bad headaches and feeling more depressed than usual. The symptoms that are starting to really worry me though is the loss of sensation down my limbs. It's hard to describe but as an example when I put my rucksack over my shoulder I can't feel my arm move when I do it its just a "blur" of numbness. It kind of feels like I'm floating when I walk now as well as I feel like I have lost some sensation in my legs. Also when I get in a hot bath It feels different it feels like numb pins and needles rather than heat. My thumb on my right hand twitches uncontrollably every now and then. Also I have been having to release my bladder a lot more frequently than normal. My cognitive ability seems to have been reduced as well I can't remember things as easily and I have to read things 5 times over before it sinks in. think it's finally time to face the music and visit my GP as it is starting to scare me now. Hopefully it isn't MS odds are its another form of neurological damage. Either way I just hope it doesn't get any worse. I feel ashamed to even say that I think I might have MS as MS is a devastating disease that lots of people are suffering from, when my problems are self inflicted. It's just my symptoms match a lot of the symptoms online.

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I have the same fear...

MS, neurologic Lyme disease, spontaneous intracranial hypotension.

They can all have similar presentations and for those of us who have worsening symptoms that include physical sensations like paresthesias, numbness, headaches, blurry vision, etc., the natural thing to do is worry about progressive disease processes. I have been assured and reassured by neurologists, neuro-ophthalmologists, headache specialists, and others that this is not a progressive neurological disease, but rather, an extreme form of migraine with persistent aura symptoms.

This doesn't put my mind at ease however, because who is to say this is even reversible. No medication or "tincture of time" has helped. The fact is, I develop new symptoms almost monthly and my existing symptoms just keep worsening. 

Anyways, I do think it wise that you be evaluated by an experienced provider. I wish you luck and hope there isn't anything more sinister underlying your HPPD. 

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Don't get a head of yourself. There's tons of common conditions out there with the same symptoms you mentioned. I have a thyroid issue and experienced most all the symptoms you mention this past summer: numbness in my legs, twitching muscles, frequent urination, poor memory (I have totally given up reading for the last few months), and on down the line. Just schedule an appointment with a doctor to get some blood tests run before you jump to conclusions and scare yourself silly. 

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