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Personally, i'd say no.... The vast majority have issues with anti pyschs. I can't see anything in it's method of action to suggest this would be any different.  It's not worth the risk, imho.

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You can feel more like a zombie this what lot users experiernce like me i used for 3 years and in the begining the side effects where awfull buth i had no choice i didnt know that i had hppd, maybe you should find anhoter soulution then medication they take more then they give mostly

I read before you try some medication

its best you change your mindset, there should better ways to chope with your hppd

And i dont think you can handle the side effects of anti psygoctis, it can be very insane

If i tell what crazy side effects i had you will think twice.

I try so many times to quit buth the witdrwal was so bad, i just had to tapper off in micro doses took me 6 months

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I guess docs have no idea what they doing with hppd, i believe only you self have find your way to chope with hppd, the most know relief is exercise/traning doest matter intensity once your find out what relief its give you will use when you need

Its wil be your part of life

When i feel bad i go for walk 1hour and its always working even i quited sport for long time, its just my best friend and its always avaible

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weirdly i'd just decided to reappear for the first time in a while to see if anyone had had success with abilify. i'm on it ( for an unrelated reason) currently but only really have lingering, not too intrusive occasional HPPD symptoms these days but these are now gone on abilify. i'm  trying to find an elegant explanation as to why abilify is different from other anti psychs and this is the best i can find for now.... there are some long and complex articles out there too for anyone that wants to look into it more


'Rather than blocking dopamine in one area, then relying on also blocking serotonin to normalize levels, Abilify is a “partial agonist” of D2 in the first place, meaning that it sits on the dopamine receptor strongly enough to bat away the excess dopamine that causes psychosis, while at the same time exerting enough mild dopamine-like activity to prevent movement disorders. So its dopamine stabilizing mechanism is more direct.'



maybe i'm just lucky or almost better but although my symptoms are mild they're easily aggravated too.

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Day 2 on abilify after being off buspirone and dekapote for about 2 weeks with no noticeable withdrawals. After hearing about my paranoia the doctors strongly recommended it. Did not make my HPPD or Visual Snow better or worse but I seem to be less scared and paranoid. I do feel like a zombie a bit. I will stay away from the other anti-psychotics but I saw some people posting positive videos on YouTube about their experience with abilify so I'll give it a try.

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