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Quit buspirone temporarily, fucked up, anxiety still gone

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So the buspirone helped a lot with the anxiety the most and even after being off it a week, the anxiety is still almost completely gone but I did have very minor moments. I stopped taking it because it almost completely stopped working. now I have other issues. Today, I randomly feel like I'm coming down off a cocaine high and it's really bad. My appetite is deteriorating again and so are my taste buds so I am guessing these are possible withdrawal symptoms. So I did take a triple dose of buspirone today and I am starting to feel a little better but I got caught doing it so my parents are freaking out because I took matters into my own hands when they refused to increase the dose. The struggle with my dad continues since he still dismisses my HPPD and depersonalization because he "doesn't see any physical signs of discomfort". So scary how severe my depersonalization/derealization is, yet I appear completely normal to most people. I haven't smoked weed in a few weeks and honestly I felt better when I started smoking weed again

NOTE : I DO NOT RECOMEND DOING DRUGS AGAIN. Some people get lucky and others don't

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You don't sound very lucky to me.... You might "feel better" at the time, but you clearly have major dp/dr issues, which weed will continue to exasperate with any weed intake.

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dp/dr issues increased by weed..thats true for the most people...i can smoke weed again in micro doses and it makes me feel very high for half of the day but dp/dr never comes back..when i smoke too much and get a panic attack i can see my thoughts materializing out of visual snow..very scary stuff...but as frightening as it is, the effects always subside after i come down a little bit more..and  the panic turns into a very pleasant and grateful feeling/high ...nevertheless i would never recommend this to anyone else...cause it can really make you freak out for a while...


...dont do drugs gman

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