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My road to cure


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My cure

I started ( 12/2015) to a road to cure my self to do some serieus sport and i feeld its was the only option left after 2 years of hell

here is the progress

Month 1- its was hell and boring to run in the gym buth i keep did it

Month 3- start to feel the first noticible improvement

Months 6- start to enjoy life again dr and and visuals goth much better

Month 9- dr droped more, visuals gething better

Medication droped to the lowest dose

Month 11- quited sport

Month 12- very mild hppd and dr free tappering of the med

Month 13- medication free for 1 month and hppd stil mild

Month 15-18

Only some light hppd symptoms apearing

Month 19 still med free for 7 months

Light symptoms gething better.

The exercise i did include lot variations

of intensity and scedules

if you overtrain it does opiside effect

I realy believe thats sports thats include cardio like running/cyclying/jogging hase a potantial in way to speed up recovery in a daily base or in a scedule.

Like al we agreed that sports/exercises give a relief why if we do more then we should geth more.

Do sports stay healty


Do sport geth healty

I believe the trick is increased blood flow in the body and when do sports body works in high gear.

Exploring about hppd,medication,supps wich has leaded to a dead end.

Medication in long term include a lot risks to damage your body

And realy unpredicable to trigger your symptoms worsened back

Like a lot post here buth yea we cant without it always.

Probably doing not much and waiting while on meds thats wil cure your symptoms is the worst what you can do, it will loose your time and hope.

At the end i came out of hppd and i feel lot stronger man before i have it and still enjoying life like never before.

I wish the best for all of us

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Glad to hear about your progress. I am too heavily into sport, have been for the last 6 months or so. I decided to put my heart into it 100% after reading this post here: http://hppdonline.com/index.php?/topic/5140-its-been-almost-6-years-nowit-gets-better/


After a good period of near daily exercise (mostly cardio) I improve to the point of actually feeling physically good some of the time. It is truly a joy when your body responds well, especially after a long period of suffering and despair.


It's telling how much of an impact the exercise is doing. For the past couple of weeks, I have been ill and not able to work out. It's been the worst time I've had over the last six months and symptoms have recurred with a vengeance. Hearing about your progress umit makes me believe that with continued daily exercise I will improve long term and permanently.


All the best.


PS: Is there a work out thread on this forum? Like a thread where we can post our training activities, contests and progress? Perhaps this could help motivate users on the forum.

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I've said this before but it's worth repeating: Exercise is one of the single best ways to nourish your brain naturally. Nothing restructures the brain quite like exercise. It's important to also do a variety of exercises as well. Running is great but you should also do a little bit of weightlifting, some sport or group activities, yoga, tai chi, etc. Doing the same thing over and over doesn't work your brain as well as incorporating a wide variety of body movements and constantly learning new things. I'm no exercise expert but I'd recommend people work out five days a week while rotating between yoga, running and sports with a bit of wight lifting and plyometrics mixed in as well. Also, you don't need to overdo it. An hour of exercise every day is plenty! If you exercise too much it can actually be detrimental to recovery so it's important to rest a day or so per week. 


In my own experience exercise certainly works but I'd also really encourage people to change their diet as well. Eliminate sugars, fast food, artificial boxed goods in the middle of the super market, as much gluten as possible and really try and focus on eating fatty meats, lots of green veggies and a bit of fruit here and there as well. I've seen progress with exercise alone but only on a very slow scale. The only thing that's really sped up the process of recover for me in a way that I felt acceptable has been radically shifting my diet in conjunction with exercise and living a healthy lifestyle overall. I still have a long ways to go but I know for me diet is the No. 1 thing that's helped most thus far. 

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Yes of course varation is realy important after time you find your routine wich exercise fit in your scedule

And you have to wacth to dont geth overtrained we are realy sensitive for it

I didnt write lot detail on my topic buth if you start to train you can use a guide to stay motivated and what you can expect on your journey

About diet also improtant buth i didnt pay lot attention for it

I think more we have to look geth more proteins and vitamines and low sugar and noth to smoke

Sometimes when start eath super healty food i feel my body detox buth its have also a widrawl effect.

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  • 4 months later...

Hi guys i am here back after 4 months

Hope you guys doing good and its seems this forum has low activity even then before

I still doing good and symptoms free

My hard work with sport has helpme to cure from hppd i feel lucky i found my way

Hope you guys you wil find your way

Buth one way it isnt is with medication

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Yes the activity has has been so low then before its seems every body has left the forum maybe because the post here isnt so usefull maybe we should post more about usefull things then just find soulution with medication and docs because they cant help us anyway the succes rate of meds for hppd is just so extreme low

And if you think meds is a big market where company care money you should think twice then try to grab meds in it as first option

Your body is your doc you are your own doctor in the first case

And i ask god to help everybody with hppd

And in my case asking god to help me with my stressfull condition where i barely try to manage the stress in my life even without hppd and challenging a surival

Why we suffering god?

Because we do same faults?

If we forgoth you you wil forgoth us to?

Let me close my eyes in peace one day.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Why is meditation a bad thing suddenly? it helped me much with brainfog and anxiety

I cant say its a bad thing buth visual to he says perhaps can activate psydelic patterns wich in my case i was going worse while i was trying to meditation, buth every body is different it was a panic response of my experience.

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