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Need help understanding neurotransmitters

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So I'm trying to do some homework on neurotransmitters to get a better understanding of what supplements and medications may benefit me most. I know my symptoms are always better in the morning and worse at night, that I don't respond well to stimulants (even medical ones prescribed by doctors), that I've had anxiety for years and my adrenals are likely fatigued, and that I do respond well to calming agents, as is the case with most people here. I do think one of my main problems is lack of dopamine, but I also know other neurotransmitters play a huge role in HPPD as well. So I guess I was just wondering what the consensus is on all this. I hear GABA thrown around a lot, but I have no idea how GABA works. Is more GABA better or less? And what about serotonin? 


Any responses are much appreciated. I've tried rummaging through the boards to read up about this stuff but there doesn't seem to be any single particular thread that summarizes all this briefly so perhaps someone could enlighten me. Not looking for anything too extensive, just a quick recap. 



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I can tell you my experience from the 3 or 4 years of personal hell with SSRI's I'm just emerging from that serotonin plays a huge role in this, possibly the primary role.  Long story short I've been on SSRI's almost my entire life.  About 4 years ago my med I was doing well on went generic and my body completely rejected the generic form of the med, then proceeded to reject every other medication I tried, but also wouldn't allow me to get off of them entirely.


I finally got the genetic testing for psychotropic meds and got put on a med that was in the "green" category.  I've been lowering my dose and have finally stumbled on a tiny (like 1/8 of the lowest "therapeutic" dose) daily dose that's the sweet spot.


I feel like my old self of 5+ years ago except better... older, wiser and VERY grateful to god or life or whatever that I was allowed to exit those dark days.



The point being... I think anything that effects serotonin effects HPPD- for better or worse.  That's all I can say with certainty from my experience.  Dopamine is much less a factor for me- as a matter of fact drugs that deal with dopamine like weed or opiates don't seem to have much long term effect on my HPPD. 


The less GABA you have floating around the more anxious you will be, which also has a big effect on how the HPPD is perceived and how you deal with it.  I think this is a biggie for someone just getting used to dealing with it.

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From what I gather GABA plays a primary role but it sounds like different people may have different problems with other transmitters after that. For example, dopamine seems to be mine while serotonin could be yours. This may explain why people respond so different to drugs as well. All I know is that something's out of whack upstairs and that though it is steadily improving it's also moving at a rate that's nearly unbearable. On the bright side, at least I'm making progress... 

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