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Buspirone is a Fraud. My brain lied to me

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Buspirone made me believe that I was almost cured. Turns out it only masked the symptoms ! I'm just wondering if my case of dp/dr is mild, medium, or severe ?

Despite the fact that I have sever HPPD, the visuals are just a small nuisance compared to the depersonalization. I hate how I feel like I'm watching my through a TV screen or like I'm in a dream. I'm sick of questioning if what I'm seeing is real or fake.

When I get angry, I rage like a psychotic maniac and my brain goes on complete auto-pilot and it is as if something else is controlling my body to do whatever I'm doing while I watch it happen as if it's not me even doing it. I look at my hands and they feel like they aren't even my hands.

I feel like I'm not even alive or human. I feel like I am dead and like a zombie and even sometimes when I'm having a bad dp moment, people think I'm tripping on something because I look like a damn zombie. When I look in the mirror, I see a demonic version of myself

My family doesn't even feel like family because I am so dissociated and detached. They just feel like strangers almost.

Brain fog is one of the worst. I have severe short term memory loss and I sometime turn on the stove to cook something, then I black out and walk away totally forgetting that I turned the stove on ! My brain fogs up so bad when I ride my bike, I have ridden my bike directly into traffic and I'm lucky I never got hit by a car.

I am prescribed buspirone to help with some of this but I realized that I am not cured. The buspar just masks the symptoms and if I one day don't take my medication, it's back to the "life" of hell. My brain lied to me making me believe I was almost cured

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Isn't buspar non addictive and non tolerance building.... if so, why care if it just a mask?

Klonopin is a mask for me... but it is a great mask... literally a life saver.

Just make sure you get a proper prescription from your own doctor and keep on top of your doses.

There are loads of Medstead that are masks... pain killers,for instance... but they still work.

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 what you desire is impossible.... and asking jay if theres a real cure for this..is not very intelligent (sry)...dont you think jay would have cured himself already if so...


man..dont fight it just let it come over you...and accept that it will be there for the rest of your days...dont take your life too serious and forget about the world...constantly thinking about how bad your condition is wont cure you but will just make the unchangeable feel worse.


...have a nice day...

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My guess is that the only real cure happens when your brain somehow rewires itself.... for some, it never happens... so using masks and coping techniques is the next best thing.

You do not know for sure if buspar is only a mask though... maybe allowing your brain to ignore anxiety and dp-dr (and the stress it brings) is actually very beneficial for your potential to heal naturally.

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Ps- I researched buspirone... it seems that, although it doesn't really create tolerance, you can get withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking it without tapering down.

So the spike in anxiety might have been from withdrawal rather than just unveiling your normal symptoms.

Like I said earlier.... get a real prescription from your own doctor... make sure you take your doses every day (just set up a reminder on your phone).

You can take this medicine all your life with almost no side effects or tolerance issues... that's amazing ... 2nd only to being fully cured.

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