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Sensory confusion: Touch

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Yesterday I was out shopping with my other half and I had a very unusual symptom that made me have a bit of a mild panic attack. I was walking along and all of a sudden I became super aware of my clothes rubbing against my skin mainly on my arms and legs. Then I noticed my shoes and socks rubbing on the soles of my feet. Then, more worryingly, I became super anxious and I felt like I was just a brain floating in space not knowing what feeling of touch was coming from where. It's a very strange experience to try and explain. I also felt like some of my other senses were affected. I had an unusual taste in my mouth when I haden eaten anything recently and my vision contrast was massively increased temporarily. I am wondering what has caused this horrible experience and wether it is a sign of anything serious. The only thing I have been doing differently lately is that I have been taking one a day hayfever tablets. I have stopped taking them now as I am worried they are affecting my brain. Anyone else experienced anything sinilar?

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