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mistake, lol

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Hi im José, this is my new account, because i cant log with the other (if anybody can to help me to recuperate my account... i think is a error fot the letter with ', so José, i tryed recuperate pass and that doenst work)

Today, im gonna writte a funny and scary history. Ago 3 days, I felt so angry and raged and I had a big discussion with my mom (thats not funny i know and now the things are better), so my mum, who knows about my condition wanted to gave me a Alprazolam (xanax i think) and I throwed all the pills to the floor. " i hadent take a pill until now and i wanna to deal whitout any medicin if I wanna have a chance to fully recover", I said.

Oke, my gf, who been also, said to me that one benzo wouldnt harm that chance, so I thought,J why not?

Then, my mum took one pill and gave me other. I started, at five minutes to get crazy, more rages and how i was drunk and my mum felt something else lol, she was wrong and chose the wrong pill, WE TOOK an ANTIPHSICOTYC lol.

The next hours I wanted to kill myself and throw me for the window (which hadnt been goos isea because I live in 9 Plant). When I got slept, the next day I waked up really good ( so tired) and gone to the dentist and played football with my friends (scored.three times lol)

Today my mum and me laugh a lot for the mistake xd because she felt some also to trip, walls moving... etc

I cant understand now people with hppd who has get treatment with antipshycotics. I felt really the worst since I had that shit, but better for found out that hppd can get worst.

I want to advice people to refuse antiphsycotics because they put your brain as dancing break dance.

PD: sorry bad english... its my first message whitout traslator

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