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hey guys, im new here,
so i have been suffering from this thing for about 2 months now, but i actually don't know what it is ? whether DP/DR ? or HPPD ? or something else.


i got all this from smoking weed, out of a printing paper (A4). havent touched LSD, MDMA etc ever.

ohh!, and i never had that 'i am going to die feeling, when i was high'.

and i believe i have a bit of social anxiety.

i'm a 22 year old male, with no history of mental illnesses.


here is what i have:-


visual snow (mostly in darkness and dim lights)
very sensitive to all kinds of light. (even sunlight)
very intense migrainous headaches at the base of skull 
slight halos around streetlights, and starbursts from distant lights.
only negative afterimages
faint ringing in ears,

ear pain and popping in the right ear from time to time

some sounds feel amplified

floaters in white backgrounds
changed visual perception
the vision where u feel ur still high, or stoned. (is this derealization ?)
anxiety (along with the 1001 symptoms that come with it)


a strange thing which occurs to me is that, i see streaking/starbursting on lights which are far away, but if the same light source comes close, the streaking goes away!



here is what i don't have:-



blue field entoptic phenomena
colour confusion
movement in objects and walls
geometric patterns
size distortions


i saw, both eye doctors and neurologists, got an MRI scan, and everything seems to be normal, according to the doctors!

i've yet to see a mental doctor.


i got prescribed klonopin, took it a few times, for me it doesn't do much, other than making me sleepy.


sorry for making such a long post.
any help is greatly appreciated.


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Welcome to the Forum!


First I just want to say I'm not a doctor, so please don't take this as an official diagnosis/recommended treatment.  This is just my opinion.  


I hate to say it, but it does sound like HPPD to me.  You can get it just from smoking weed.  In a way, you could consider yourself lucky cause it sounds like you have it pretty mild.  I'm pretty sure if you had dp/dr you'd know.  I'm lucky enough not to get dp/dr but from what I hear it's really intense.   I'd cool it on the drugs for a while if I were you.  Also, I know it's easier said than done, but honestly one of the best things you can do for yourself is try your best not to worry about it.  I know that's hard as hell cause it probably feels like the symptoms are in your face 24/7.  It may take a while to get to the point where you don't think about it much, but you'll get there eventually.  I've had this for close to two years (similar symptoms as you plus intense trails/tracers) and I'm just now getting to the point where I don't think about it too often.  If you can get there, HPPD doesn't have much power over you at all.  Plus, your symptoms are still pretty recent.  There's still a chance you could recover.  Stay positive.  This is a great place to get info, advice and empathy as needed.

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Sounds like migraine. And these are also signs of dehydration.

The anxiety just makes it chicken-and-the-egg: anxiety feeds your perceptual disturbances and the perceptual disturbances feed the anxiety.

You also have to remember that some of these things you describe are somewhat "normal".

One must consider that, unlike the eye of the eagle, much of the wiring runs along the frontal area of the eye for humans. Perhaps a somewhat faulty aspect to evolution but that is the fact as it stands now in terms of human physical adaptation.

You've heard of the term eagle eyes. They get that reputation because the acuity of their sight. Well, one fact is that the wiring is positioned in the back of the eye, behind all line of sight, or rather not hindering the line of sight.

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MG makes a good point.  It's hard to tell what's "normal" and what's not.  I think a lot of HPPD visual symptoms are "normal" in the sense that they naturally occur in healthy individuals, but it is not necessarily "normal" to constantly see them.  


I also agree that it could be migraine/anxiety-related.  No reason to rule that out.  A doctor could give you more insight on that.  It just seems to me that persistent 24/7 symptoms stemming from a specific drug experience are more likely to be HPPD, possibly worsened by the migraines.  I've had migraines (without visuals)  my whole life and after the trip that caused my HPPD I was in denial for over a year telling myself that it was just migraine visuals that were always there but I hadn't noticed before.  For me, personally, I now believe my disposition for migraines is somehow tied to my HPPD and I know that my HPPD (while always present) flares up a lot around the time of a migraine attack, so the two are definitely correlated, if nothing else.  HPPD or not, I would be willing to bet that if you can find away to get the migraines and anxiety under control, your other symptoms may improve.  


If I were you, I'd read up on symptoms and treatment of Migraine Aura.

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  • Similar Content

    • By GammaKnife
      This might be a long one, but here goes. I've been looking at this site since the end of November, and I think I've found what's been affecting me.

      I'm 22-years old; a college student living in student accommodation away from home during term. I've occasionally experimented with drugs since I was about 15 (in social groups, never alone), but it was only in the last year or so that I ever tried ecstasy or LSD – not something I've done often but I found them quite positive experiences. Both times I took acid were quite low doses, and generally njoyable experiences. The only thing I noticed was that I often get bad anxiety from smoking weed since the first time I tripped; before acid this never happened. The experiences were so positive that I became a little bit obsessed with psychedelia; the music, the art, all the hippy stuff basically. For weeks after my trips I felt more clear-minded, focused, happy and just generally appreciative of life – even when COVID lockdowns became a part of our lives last March.

      After lockdown during the summer of last year I partied with friends for a couple of days straight; lots of alcohol, ketamine, and on the last day we all took a some of ecstasy. The afternoon of the day I came home I began experiencing what I think was serotonin syndrome; I got waves of panic, heart palpitations, agitation. It was very unpleasant, and it stuck in my mind long after I felt better.
      My current predicament was triggered by a caffeine-induced panic attack at the end of last September; I saw a flash of light in my peripheral vision after drinking black coffee, which led to continuing anxiety, visual disturbances, panic attacks, and negative thought loops – all these symptoms seem to come in waves, there's days or weeks when they're far less apparent and times when they feel overwhelmingly intense. I even got an eye test and was prescribed glasses for slight nearsightedness, but they said there was absolutely nothing wrong with my eyes from what they could tell. I had an ECG and a blood test at the doctors too, and they said there didn't seem to be any health issues that they could see – which is good news.
      Visual disturbances include visual snow (VS), prolonged after-images, floaters, blue sky ectopic phenomenon (a swirling or rapid movement effect on skies – especially on a bright blue day), as well as occasional perception of movement or lights in peripheral vision, “cracks” or vein/branch-like after-images in my field of vision just after blinking for a few minutes after I wake up, and flashes of light when the eyes are closed (when trying to sleep).
      These visual disturbances often create a sense of anxiety, and distract me from everyday tasks. The anxiety tends to get worse if I'm hungover, at night, and especially when I’m trying to fall asleep. I’ve also been experiencing occasional high-pitched ringing sound in my ears (more the right ear than the left one), heart flutters/palpitations, a slight feeling of nausea (generally worse after eating), and a sudden sense of dizziness or disconnection which may trigger mental panic or turmoil. Episodes like this don’t happen frequently, but are usually accompanied by a hot feeling in my face and an over-sensitivity to noises and sensations around me, with even a relaxed living room feeling chaotic and overwhelming.
      Unpleasant episodes like this tend to happen on days when I spend a lot of time ruminating about my condition. My mind often gravitates towards the idea that I may have a serious mental disorder – especially schizophrenia, despite not demonstrating the symptoms of this disorder (delusions, complex hallucinations, hearing voices, etc.). It’s more of a fear that I am experiencing what comes before a psychotic episode (prodromal period), and a feeling of helplessness and panic quickly grows out of this.
      I spend a lot of time Googling symptoms of various mental illnesses as way to reassure myself that I’m not psychotic, but sometimes I think I’m subconsciously trying to confirm that I am – however labored the justification may be. I think a lot of this is mainly down to the visual issues, but also the general ‘out of sorts’ feelings I’ve had. When I’m feeling particularly out of sorts or anxious, my mind tends to feel jumbled and chaotic – a fuzzy psychedelic feeling in my mind’s eye where it’s difficult to clearly visualize things properly or think clearly. This feeling can be intense and distracting, and it often makes me feel lethargic or low on energy.
      I also have trouble sleeping, or rather trouble going to sleep before 12 am. This isn’t a new thing; it has been a recurring issue for me for the last four or five years, but never as consistently problematic for my mental health (being due to anxiety or visual issues), and I was rarely ever kept awake when I wanted to sleep. These sleep problems often mean I wake up and fall asleep again multiple times every morning and struggle to fully get up before 11 am, and I think this effects my productivity for the rest of the day. I don’t feel well-rested when I wake up, so I think this messes with my mood throughout the day.
      Today I had the worst panic attack of my life; in broad daylight on a pleasant day at home surrounded by my family. I haven't taken anything (even alcohol or cigarettes) since before Christmas, so that hasn't added to my problems thankfully. I began to fixate on the sense of movement in my peripheral vision and visual snow, which set off my anxiety in an extremely intense way and it has taken all day to calm myself down.
      After talking with my parents we agreed it might be time to see a doctor; this isn't going to go away easily and I just want to rule out any other possibilities.
      Apologies for the length of this post, I just had to get it all out. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I would appreciate any advice. I will post an update if my symptoms change, and I'll try to keep up to date on any future developments.
    • By Alex_Irvine
      Hi there,
      My name is Alex, I'm a third-year psychology student at University Greenwich (London, UK).
      Although I don't have HPPD, I'm very interested in understanding more about it.  As such, my final-year research project is a survey investigating individual differences and HPPD. 
      My research project is under the supervision of Dr. David Luke, a long-standing psychedelic researcher in the UK and author of many books on the subject. Dr. Luke is a senior lecturer at University of Greenwich and honorary senior lecturer at Imperial College London - the home of the bulk of psychedelic research in the UK. I'm really only trying to use his credentials to verify that this research is a serious undertaking, not just to name drop him. I would love to hear from members of this community and hope you can find the time to have a look at my survey linked below
      The survey should take between 15-30 minutes to complete depending on your individual history and experiences. Your response will help deepen the understanding of potential differences amongst sufferers of Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder. All submissions are anonymous (identifiable only through your unique personal code) and data will be stored on a password protected device. The research has been ethically approved by the Departmental Research Ethics Committee for Psychology, University of Greenwich, UK.
      Many thanks if you have the time to spend helping me out.
      If this is better posted somewhere else please feel free to let me know,
      Given this is my first ever post I'll apologise for getting it wrong in advance!
      Any questions feel free to drop me an email on ai2156k@gre.ac.uk
    • By Brad85
      Hi there. I've had HPPD since I was about 19... so going on 16 years now.  I won't get into all the details but what I'm wondering is if anyone has resolved, or read about someone who resolved their Blue Field Entoptic Phenomenon (BFEP)?  This is probably one of my most annoying symptoms and is prevalent on any large bright surface.  Central vision and peripheral. 
      Any feedback would be much appreciated.
      - Brad
    • By Sambabeat78
      Hello my friends, 
      I'm writing an article for The Independent about HPPD. I'd like to talk first-hand with sufferers of the disorder and document their stories. This article will spread awareness about the risks of psychedelic drug-taking and show what can go wrong. 
      If you're interested in having a short chat or sending a summary of your experience with HPPD, then please email me at eddie.prideaux@gmail.com. You can be anonymous on request, don't worry. 
    • By AntoCVSS
      Hey guys,
      I started taking Clonazepam in a really small dose (0,2mg per day) 3 days ago, and yesterday evening I started getting possitive palinopsia and hard afterimages.
      Is it possible that Clonazepam induced me this?
      My psychiatrist prescribed it to me for Sertraline and Lorazepam withadrawl, for not getting too much abstinence (I am currently on Sertraline 50mg and Lorazepam 0,5mg and going down every week step by step)
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