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hey guys, im new here,
so i have been suffering from this thing for about 2 months now, but i actually don't know what it is ? whether DP/DR ? or HPPD ? or something else.


i got all this from smoking weed, out of a printing paper (A4). havent touched LSD, MDMA etc ever.

ohh!, and i never had that 'i am going to die feeling, when i was high'.

and i believe i have a bit of social anxiety.

i'm a 22 year old male, with no history of mental illnesses.


here is what i have:-


visual snow (mostly in darkness and dim lights)
very sensitive to all kinds of light. (even sunlight)
very intense migrainous headaches at the base of skull 
slight halos around streetlights, and starbursts from distant lights.
only negative afterimages
faint ringing in ears,

ear pain and popping in the right ear from time to time

some sounds feel amplified

floaters in white backgrounds
changed visual perception
the vision where u feel ur still high, or stoned. (is this derealization ?)
anxiety (along with the 1001 symptoms that come with it)


a strange thing which occurs to me is that, i see streaking/starbursting on lights which are far away, but if the same light source comes close, the streaking goes away!



here is what i don't have:-



blue field entoptic phenomena
colour confusion
movement in objects and walls
geometric patterns
size distortions


i saw, both eye doctors and neurologists, got an MRI scan, and everything seems to be normal, according to the doctors!

i've yet to see a mental doctor.


i got prescribed klonopin, took it a few times, for me it doesn't do much, other than making me sleepy.


sorry for making such a long post.
any help is greatly appreciated.


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Welcome to the Forum!


First I just want to say I'm not a doctor, so please don't take this as an official diagnosis/recommended treatment.  This is just my opinion.  


I hate to say it, but it does sound like HPPD to me.  You can get it just from smoking weed.  In a way, you could consider yourself lucky cause it sounds like you have it pretty mild.  I'm pretty sure if you had dp/dr you'd know.  I'm lucky enough not to get dp/dr but from what I hear it's really intense.   I'd cool it on the drugs for a while if I were you.  Also, I know it's easier said than done, but honestly one of the best things you can do for yourself is try your best not to worry about it.  I know that's hard as hell cause it probably feels like the symptoms are in your face 24/7.  It may take a while to get to the point where you don't think about it much, but you'll get there eventually.  I've had this for close to two years (similar symptoms as you plus intense trails/tracers) and I'm just now getting to the point where I don't think about it too often.  If you can get there, HPPD doesn't have much power over you at all.  Plus, your symptoms are still pretty recent.  There's still a chance you could recover.  Stay positive.  This is a great place to get info, advice and empathy as needed.

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Sounds like migraine. And these are also signs of dehydration.

The anxiety just makes it chicken-and-the-egg: anxiety feeds your perceptual disturbances and the perceptual disturbances feed the anxiety.

You also have to remember that some of these things you describe are somewhat "normal".

One must consider that, unlike the eye of the eagle, much of the wiring runs along the frontal area of the eye for humans. Perhaps a somewhat faulty aspect to evolution but that is the fact as it stands now in terms of human physical adaptation.

You've heard of the term eagle eyes. They get that reputation because the acuity of their sight. Well, one fact is that the wiring is positioned in the back of the eye, behind all line of sight, or rather not hindering the line of sight.

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MG makes a good point.  It's hard to tell what's "normal" and what's not.  I think a lot of HPPD visual symptoms are "normal" in the sense that they naturally occur in healthy individuals, but it is not necessarily "normal" to constantly see them.  


I also agree that it could be migraine/anxiety-related.  No reason to rule that out.  A doctor could give you more insight on that.  It just seems to me that persistent 24/7 symptoms stemming from a specific drug experience are more likely to be HPPD, possibly worsened by the migraines.  I've had migraines (without visuals)  my whole life and after the trip that caused my HPPD I was in denial for over a year telling myself that it was just migraine visuals that were always there but I hadn't noticed before.  For me, personally, I now believe my disposition for migraines is somehow tied to my HPPD and I know that my HPPD (while always present) flares up a lot around the time of a migraine attack, so the two are definitely correlated, if nothing else.  HPPD or not, I would be willing to bet that if you can find away to get the migraines and anxiety under control, your other symptoms may improve.  


If I were you, I'd read up on symptoms and treatment of Migraine Aura.

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