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HPP is not rare


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I feel that it has more to do with our psychological threshold. As we all know that anxiety or fragile states of mind make it seem worse.


Many of my peers use psychedelic drugs  to varying degrees. Most if not all report some change in their vision, including visual artifacts such as palinopsia and visual snow. Most also report not being bothered by it and at worst feel that their vision has worsened from their drug use but spicing up their life is worth this trade off for them.


Now what I have found is that anxiety prone individuals or people who are sensitive to their sensory input tend to report or self diagnose and experience HPP to a higher degree. On the other hand those who are more easy going and "roll with the punches" in life, so to speek don't notice their HPP.


I have found howe\ver, that if I do a little prying and interviewing that we can conclude that many of the individuals who claimed to not notice any change in their vision in fact DO realize that psychs have effected them. Its just that they aren't people who are very "in tune" with their senses.


Another way I have concluded that HPP is much more common than it seems is that I post on another forum made up of members who use psychedelics to varying degrees and with a little prying Id say out of the twenty people Ive talked to about HPP 15+ admitted to having some visual differences post psychedelic use. Hpp to psychedelics is what addiction to opiates. Some may not find themselves hooked on opiates but the majority of users will find that they have experienced some degree of dependence in some form or another with prolonged use.


PS I refuse to call my condition a "disorder". Perhaps when I was first afflicted by it, the anxiety, depression, DP/DR was severe enough to be called that. But nearly 20 years later I have some visual snow, trailing objects and other visual artifacts I do not let these things consume my life. I would say for the record IM about 75% cured and the anxiety I used to feel made things seem a lot worse than they really are.

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If not the word "disorder", what do you call it?


It does seem more common than reported - a lot more!  Last winter was talking to a colleague who was chemically exposed when I was.  He has memory problem severe enough he can't hold a job.  (His 'disorder' is a 'disability').  Got talking about visual problems which at first he said he was fine.  Later he said, "Interesting that you mentioned it because I have ..."  His list included darkened vision, motion latency problems, auras and flashes of light.  But he hadn't paid attention to them because the memory problem is his 'problem'.  When talking to his wife, she mentions other problems common with HPPDers ... yet he doesn't think about it.


It was surprising that someone could have the visual problems he listed but not 'notice'.  But it is where his attention/focus is.  It isn't 'denial'.  He just sort of doesn't care.  Just like the people you interviewed.  And he is unphased by now realizing these other problems ... they are more an intellectual curiosity than anything.


So 'sensory aware' people 'notice' and 'react' more severely than others.  Perhaps the lesson for us 'reactors' is to learn to react less, count what is good, learn to chill and find happiness with what we got.

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hey Labotimizer and Visual


I agree with what you are saying with it Having to do with "our Psychological threshold"

People who have been through "trauma" generally have a lower threshold than regular people / react and are affected by situations that would not affect someone who has not.


This book explains it in more detail.

The dude in this video speaks about enlargening a persons threshold through this technology.



I highly recomend this and the book is an exellent read.


anyhow.. I have been doing this for around 6 months "Holosync meditation" -  i feel like a new person. At times im not even notiecing HPPD and im in a state of "oneness".... i feel happiness, and or  blissful at times. like im on drugs  LOL :) There are times when it just does not bother me so much anymore.


The other morning i had a cool OBE (out of body experience) in meditation///  i dont react to HPPD in the same way because my "threshold" has expanded / expanding etc etc


anxiety has decreased...  and depression... there are many more good things i can say about it.


Just thaught id shade 

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