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Ive had what i think is HPPD for over 6 months now. I suspect the cause of my condition was 25i NBOMe.

Anyway, im unable to communicate properly with "normal" people. I start with small sentences with nothing unusual about them, and my mind wanders, and next thing i know im talking about the ISness of the universe. This probably has a lot to do with my new views on life brought by pschedelic experimentation. Im not too worried about alienation by my generation (im only 15) but it does get frustrating when you cant even talk to other people without them looking at you like youre insane. Actually the worst part about it is when they ignore you like ypu actually are insane.

Does anyone have advice for people like me?

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Agree with Jose.... Be you... Maybe you would be pondering these things even if you didn't have hppd. There are alot of difficult subjects these days, and alot of people prefer to bury their head than talk about it... But I think with age you will find more like minded people who are open to the deeper discussions in life.


I went for a long walk with a friend (who doesn;t have hppd or a great deal of drug usage) on Sunday and we discussed a whole range of topics from space, god (or lack of), matrix style virtual reality to whether we would let 90% of the world die for the greater good of the planet and human race. Now, if it had been another friend, maybe I would have been chatting about girls or sports... You just have to make a sort of mental note as to which of your friends might be open to such discussions.


If the people around you think you are weird for exploring the bigger picture, find people who don't. Maybe take up philosophy, where you are actively encouraged to discuss abstract issues

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