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Almost got HPPD but I was lucky!


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I tried salvia divinorum prob. overdose. Lasted 1 hour, different reality, cant even think. that was tuesday midnight. Then tuesday evening I had irrational thoughts

Its friday and Im feeling im back to life. I dont know, maybe the panic attacks and small stuffs will remain 

Only reason why I recovered so fast was cuz Im healthy and never taken any drugs (except benzos but they had no effect on me)

HUGE RESPECT FOR ALL OF YOU!  What you guys said in comments really touched me.

I suggest going to hospital for all of you. I know sounds stupid but they wont take you to psychiatry or stuff. You are not insane.

For me love was the solution. i listened to music I love, talked with people I loved.

It really did help me a lot! Im feeling my life, personality is back, but my vision and reality sense was really strange and it was scary!


HPPD? People never tell you about that. They dont even care about it.

I know you feel bad, but listen to me, even if it wont go back to what it used to, you will still be able to be happy and that is the only thing that matters!


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