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what meds to steer clear of?

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hello all, my name is collin, and I'm new here. I have had hppd for 4 years, and just recently got tired enough of it to seek some help. i went to my family physician, and he knew nothing about HPPD, surprisingly ( sarcasm). he seemed to ignore my hppd complaint and focus mainly on my rapid heart beat ( it was 90bpm resting when he first tested it), which he attributed to stress. ( i think its stress too) he tried to convince me to take an anti depressant, which i denied because i know they usually make hppd worse. i asked him about clonazepam, to help with my visuals, but of course he denied because its so addictive. i guess my question is, where should i go from here? that doctor was quite cunt like today, and I'm not thinking going back to him would do me any good.

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Try to go to a neurologist... At leats you will have half a chance of getting some sensible advice.


You did the right thing by refusing SSRIs. Those and anti psychs will be their "go to" meds for any condition of the mind that they don't know of. I am becoming increasingly angry about these doctors giving out such medications without a thought.... It is borderline negligence.


Stick to your guns... Find a neuro, if they wont listen properly, find another, and another.... It is shit, but that is what we have to deal with.


As for meds, the best seem to be benzos, anti convultants (keppra, lamictal) and dopamine agonists (Simamet). Each have their own pros/cons... So do your research so that you can go into your next appointment with as much knowledge as possible.


Good luck, Jay

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He tried to offer you anti-depressants for you heart rate? Lol could have offered at least some Propranolol. I would agree with Jay, stay away from all the anti depressant and anti psychs. My doctor won't prescribed me them because he feels certain there is some kind of serotonin problem with me and these only agitate any symptoms I have. There is one anti-depressant I want to try and it is called Agomelatine. I do not know much about it other than it works different than your traditional SSRIs, it works on your melatonin system. Maybe you can ask him for this and see how that works? If not and you are hell bent on getting benzos I would do what I did and just search online for doctors. I literally found 2 doctors around me and 1 psychiatrist who are very willing to prescribe benzos and are willing to try different meds. Not that they are pill pushers or anything, they want you to know how addictive they are and all the negative stuff about them but at the end of the day they understand that if you have been having problems for years and it isn't no once every few months type of thing and you are a adult and they believe you won't abuse them they will prescribe them no problem. My first doctor was a total dick like yours, I then Googled doctors around me and read the reviews and the next day found a doctor willing to help me out. Don't just go from doctor to doctor not knowing how willing they are to help people out. A lot of these doctors now a days are fixed on the idea that SSRIs are the cure all drug or something. And when you go in just tell them you know "hey look, I have been dealing with this for years on my own, it is getting to the point where I can't even live anymore, I get the shakes inside my body and outside everything moves so fast I can't keep up. My hearing gets real and sounds like everything around me is moving fast and my I can't keep focus with my vision. And when this happens everything seems so dream like and I just don't feel like anything is real anymore." Lol, if a doctor doesn't give you Kpins after that than he is a super D because that is obviously anxiety and dp/dr(even if you don't have dp/dr this should help secure the Kpins). I mean it is best to tell your doctors the truth but we all know that doesn't work most of the time, I have told every doctor I have seen about my HPPD or HPPD like symptoms and my dp/dr and they just blow that part away, but they do recognize my anxiety issue and help me out there. But yea, just google doctors around you and see what people say about them. Trust me, people will let you know if they doctors are willing to help you out or not.

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