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How Do You See Halo's

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Do you see halo's only at night time or in dim lit area's??


Do you see your halos around peoples heads or bodys or around objects??


When looking at halos at street lights, are they larger then their traffic light or smaller??



Just wanted to get people's takes on how they see halos... I never really saw them but I kept looking and looking for them and low and behold now I see rainbow halos (sometimes around street lamps) however when I move closer to them they go away and I can no longer see them?? 


Is that how halos are for people in general?? 

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They are that way for me. Different lights have a different color spectrum and the halos reflect that difference. It's most noticeable at night but it can be seen indoors if it's dark enough or there is a black background. I think it's quite fascinating personally and allows me to identify a certain types of bulbs from the colors of the halo which is a little handy in my job. It's like having little prisms in my eyes that I bet Sir Isaac Newton could only wish he had. Unfortunately for me that symptom will probably fade over the next year. 

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