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LSD and Eye Floaters

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Hello everyone I hope everyone is doing good


I was introduced to LSD this year (2014) and I use to do a lot of reading on this drug. I've dropped LSD on average of 1 hit per month and

this went on for 6 months. I usually had a friend to tripped with and I never once had a bad trip on LSD. I tried dosages from 90-150ug.

I've had extremely wonderful experience.


I woke up one morning and suddenly I started seeing these annoying floaters that is now 24/7. This was 5 weeks ago. I don't experience

any other visual side effect like visual snow, colors changing etc, only eye floaters. I would see flashes of color mostly when I smoke weed.


On a scale of 1-10 it's a 4. Its very noticable on white background or outside when it's really sunny.


I went to the eye doctor and had my pupils dilated with some eye drops and the eye doctor said my eyes look very healthy apart

from the fact that I'm pretty nearsighted.


Look people I do understand that everyone has floaters and it's a part of life but I never use to see them every single fucking day from

the time I get up to the time I go to bed. Before I did LSD I've seen them maybe once every few months to few years. Now I see them



What have I done to myself? These fucking things are annoying but it's not really interfering with my life too bad. I feel like punching

my fucking eyes sometimes cause Im so frustrated (yes I know bad idea)


I am a heavy weed smoker and I read that if your experiencing visual distrubances to stop all drugs. Today marks day 1 of not smoking and Im going

to take a break from drugs for awhile but I don't understand how weed can make hppd worst. Does LSD and cannabis affect the same receptor

in the brain? If it doesn't then how does weed have anything to do with affecting HPPD?


I'm pretty fucking disappointed cause I fucking enjoy LSD but is the visual disturbances worth the risk...... nope..? Im so fucking confused

man. The floaters didn't come on the day after I tripped on LSD but I did smoke heavy amount of weed. (I smoke from vaporizer so the

high is 2x stronger than smoking a joint) I continued smoking weed for like 2 weeks then BAM here came the floaters so could the weed of triggered something in my fucked up brain which has caused me to see eye floaters on regular basis?


I even asked the eye doctor and they said there's no cure for floaters. So how would valerian root or Aniracetam help

reduce the visual distrubances?


To make matters worst Im fucking addicted to smoking weed so it's not easy to just stop.


Im so fucking jealous, how the fuck can people drop LSD every weekend for months and not having any issues and me I dropped LSD

once a month thinking I was being responsible and here I am today seeing floaters right now as we speak. Are you guys absolutely

sure HPPD isn't a sign of brain damage because Im beginning to highly disagree with this statement.


Before I even tried LSD I asked my parents if anyone in our family was born with a mental illness and the answer was no. The only

thing we had in our family was stroke or heart attack. So how does eye floaters have anything to do with mental illness.


Im sorry but am I missing something here....?

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Hi there. Hopefully someone with more specific knowledge on receptors etc would like to chime in to explain in further detail. In layman´s terms, correct me if I got this wrong, the brain have trouble filtering out unnecessary visual stimuli due to overactivity. Hence the afterimages, visual static, floaters etc many of us experience. If I were you, I´d tread carefully from now on. Increased static/snow and some floaters were my only symptoms for about a year. I had no idea what was going on and kept smoking until it hit me really hard after a sudden panic attack. So please be careful and take a good long break from the bud.


All the best, Laiz


Edit: There is also a theory that developing HPPD is caused by a genetic predisposition, so while your buds and others may be totally fine with taking acid/psychs/mdma, there is a possibility that one might be stuck with this mess afterwards.

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As you´ve concluded that LSD caused the floaters (or awareness of them), it´s not a sign of retinal detachment. The floaters are either blood or cells stuck in the vitreous chamber of the eye. The shadow they cast on the retina when exposed to light is the reason behind their visibility. There is a surgery procedure called Vitrectomy which removes parts or all the vitreous humor in the eyeball, but this is mostly used in extreme cases because it increases the chance of developing retinal detachment or catharsis down the line.

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The brain is an amazing processor that can filter out or even add information to complete a picture. There is a lot more light and information hitting the retina than you have probably ever thought of and if your brain didn't filter out the unnecessary information you'd have a hard time seeing anything at all. The brain has to at least filter out the blood vessels, optic nerves, and microscopic debris mostly made up of dust particles but the brain also has to add information to make up for the blind spot everyone has in each eye where our optic nerves end which I think is best described as located down and to the side. Floaters are inherently benign but if they are wiggling on their own I would be a little more concerned. It's normal for everyone to see them from time to time but it would seem that HPPD sufferers see a lot more of them more often.


There are many cool things online that demonstrates what I mean like  http://io9.com/5804116/why-every-human-has-a-blind-spot---and-how-to-find-yours  but even when I was a child I noticed that if I maintained my unfocused gaze at either the floor or a wall long enough features become less detailed over time. The majority colors will seem to spread and create a more simplistic representation before slowly trying to morph into a totally washed out image. Of course eventually your eyes become dry and you finally will have to blink so it's a tough thing to do at times but maybe that's just me. ;-)

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Floaters are inherently benign but if they are wiggling on their own I would be a little more concerned.

What do you mean if they're wiggling on their own? I just said that I see them every single day and they fly around in my field of vision.


You say it's normal to see them from time to time but I see them every single day.


Do you guys think I have HPPD?

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Floaters will seem to be moving but usually they are almost stationary and are only moving with your gaze because they are in your eyeballs after all. My wiggling comment was meant to calm you down for only parasites wiggle and HPPD does not include parasites but I think you misunderstood. Floaters are normal to an extant but HPPD sufferers do seem to see them more. Nothing to worry yourself about much like HPPD. It ain't going to kill you.

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I know HPPD is not going to kill me, but it's very alarming how it just suddenly happened.


Even right now when Im sitting in front of computer, on white background I can see them flying around. It fucking

sucks that I have to live with this for life. No one else in my family experiences floaters 24/7 like I do so yes Im going to

say it was triggered from psychedelics (LSD)


it's hard not worrying about these stupid fucking little things. 


I even stopped smoking weed and its not going away. I dont know how weed can make it worst

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Freaks me out when it happened because i knew about it happened two weeks after i took 2 tabs after taking a tab a week before those were the only 2 times a took lsd. After blazing I looked at the sky and saw it freaked me out alot for a couple months some people say it supoosed to go away I constantly have snow all the time sometimes it gets much more easy to see and the eyefloaties come in like it was for the first months. LOL now I just like whatever but i wish it wasnt there. I kinda want to do shrooms is that okay if i do it i did it once 6 months after getting it and it didnt effect so can I?"??

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This is happening to me now and I’m scared the dots are her everyday morning might even when I close my eyes , also I think it was high potent weed I consumed and i still feel like I’m not in my body it’s been two weeks since the weed and two months since the first time I did last 


I just need a way to not see the dots!!! Please someone help. I literally had the same issue as you it’s like you described my story, have they gone away? Are they any better now? It’s 2020 this post was 2014 I know I’m late but please someone help 

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On 4/7/2020 at 1:35 PM, Olivia said:

I just need a way to not see the dots!!! Please someone help. I literally had the same issue as you it’s like you described my story, have they gone away? Are they any better now? It’s 2020 this post was 2014 I know I’m late but please someone help.

Hey, I know I won’t have all of the answers to your questions and I really don’t have any scientific knowledge of how eye floaters work.

But anyways I’m here to tell you my own story and maybe give some advice. 

I am certain now that I at one point and still do have some sort of HPPD. I think i’ve got through the worst of it but I know I haven’t fully recovered. I don’t know if you took any psychedelics, but in my case I did. I’m only 17 and this really took a toll on me. It all started when I did acid. Now I don’t know at all if it was legit or not but I began to experience all of the signs of HPPD in the coming weeks and months to follow. One of the major signs I noticed was the eye floaters (along with the depersonalization and crippling depression that came along with it). 

I’m gonna be honest the eye floaters haven’t gone away and I first noticed them about 6-7 months ago. What I will say is that they have gotten a little better in the fact that I don’t notice them as often and they don’t show as clearly as they did before. Trust me when I say it will get a little better. I had the same problems you did like seeing them even when I closed my eyes and it really started to freak me out. What i would say is that you probably shouldn’t take anymore psychedelics for a while or weed if that’s what u think has caused it.

Now i’m a very nervous and anxious person and I think that’s another thing you have to think about when you keep noticing the floaters. I know it’s hard but you need to just start ignoring them as best you can. I know for a fact that I noticed them a lot more when I wasn’t doing anything else and i wasn’t busy or focused on anything. Keep busy and try not to notice them. I used to just be sitting forever watching and playing around with the floaters in my view (don’t do that). Sometimes I could focus on them well in the light and see the perfect outlines of what they looked like and this only made me more anxious. I would look up stuff online and see that it wasn’t going to get any better or that some people only saw them when looking at bright lights or walls. I saw them everywhere in any lighting. 

Another thing to take into account is that they are more common for those that are near sighted or at least that’s what i’ve read. When visiting the eye doctor before this I was told that one of my eyes was becoming more near sighted but didn’t need glasses. I haven’t been there since and probably won’t be for a while because of this covid nonsense, but since then I can surely say that I need glasses and have become a lot more near sighted. I don’t know if this is the case for you but it’s just a thought.

If you’ve done psychedelics and think your having these problems don’t worry too much. I feel like the best times I had when having the full force of the HPPD and eye floaters was finding a reassuring post or information that made it seem like it wouldn’t be so bad. I’m not saying everything is going to go back to normal and I still don’t feel the same since when i did it. What I am saying is that it will get better eventually for now just don’t worry about it too much, it will only make things worse. Take a deep breath and chill out. Do some things you enjoy and that make you feel better. I noticed that when i worked out and lifted I felt a lot better. Maybe try exercising more often to see if it helps you at all. All i know is that laying around and being sad, nonproductive, worrying, and thinking that it’s the end of the world will only make it worse. Trust me I hated life for about 4-5 months and I never felt like it would get better, but here I am and i know things are getting better. I really isolated myself and didn’t have any outreach to friends or family about what i was going through but i made it.

This is all I really have for you, I could go on for hours and hours typing about what it was like and I gladly would. Let me know if you found any of this helpful or if you have any questions. I hope I helped even if it was just a little bit.

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Floaters are not the same as hppd.  Floaters are a condition of your eye, and it seems some drugs can cause it.  Doctors have been reluctant to treat them, but attitudes are changing.  Do a quick google on floater treatment, there’s both a laser procedure as well as surgery.  Doctors hesitate to recommend them due to the risk involved.  Depending on how much they bother you, the risk and expense may be worth it.  I’ve lived with them for years , but at this point if I had the money I would consider surgery.  They severely impact quality of life, and there’s really not much you can due without treatment.  

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