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Can you still live a good life with HPPD/Derealisation

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Just a quick question from your experience from here and others? If say you had a chronic form of both, not massively overbearing, but noticible - are you still able to live an okay life? To be able to lead an good life?


I suffer from both I believe and just wanted to know if it's possible to do so. I know it seems a strange question!


Any help would be great.

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I think it's totally possible.  HPPD is not a death sentence.  And I'm not just saying that out of a false sense of positivity.  I'm not even in a particularly good mood right now.  I just objectively believe you can live a good life with this.  There are many people here on this forum who have gone on to have successful careers and relationships.  I would even go so far as to say most people with HPPD eventually come to terms with it and move on, if not recover altogether, but it can take years.

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