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Interview with Jack Antonoff

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For those unfamiliar, WTF is a podcast hosted by Marc Maron, a comedian, music enthusiast and recovered drug addict.  The latest episode is an interview with Jack Antonoff, lead singer of many bands including Fun and Bleachers.  Jack talks about losing his sister to cancer when he was a teenager.  Around that time, he also experienced a really bad LSD trip.  Following the trip, he experienced intense OCD, anxiety and panic attacks.  He doesn't explicitly say it, but based on some of things he says it sorta sounds like he might have HPPD, or at the very least bouts of DP/DR.  He talks a little bit about dealing with it.  Some of his popular singles were specifically written about trying to overcome his psychological issues.  Despite how you might feel about his music, it's inspiring to know someone with these problems has become so successful/productive in their lifetime.



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